LG Optimus G

LG today announced that Sprint and AT&T will carry the Optimus G, the 4.7-inch Android smartphone we saw announced last month. (See our hands-on from the launch in South Korea.)

AT&T will get the version of the Optimus G that sports an 8-megapixel camera. (Other regions are getting a 13MP shooter.) That makes a difference, because the 8MP camera is flush with the body of the phone, whereas the 13MP lens sticks out slightly. Sprint says it'll carry the 13-megapixel version. (See our pre-production Optimus G camera test.)

Both phones will run on their respective carriers' 4G LTE networks and sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro processor at 1.5 GHz. They've got 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 2100 mAh battery. AT&T's phone will have 32GB of storage, as will Sprint's.

No word on pricing or availability yet for either carrier.

We've got hands-on video and more pics after the break.

Source: AT&T, PR Newswire


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Sprint and AT&T getting the LG Optimus G


I'm going to say this now... WTF!?! How is it that T-Mo gets jacked on the One X+ and now gets snubbed on the Optimus G? AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will have quad core handsets by the holidays and thus far T-Mo has ZERO, ZILCH, NADA... NOTHING! WTF!?!

Yes because it's so "grown up" to use the same tired drivel over and over about a certain network. lol a grown up carrier, my God..

And while you are on a "Grown up" carrier I get better coverage (in my area), free unlimited wifi calling, and a monthly rate at about half yours.

So, there's that.

I agree, but I think I'll be okay as long as the next GSM Nexus device comes out soon and it should work fine on T-Mobile. But they definitely need to get on it with getting some heavy hitting phones, aside from the GS3.

Time for T-Mobile to get in the game and announce something like this. Hell, I'll even take the Xperia T.

I would too, but unfortunately AT&T got it as well (called the Xperia TL but it's the T). So the One X+, LG Optimus G, and the Xperia T (called TL on AT&T) are phones that T-Mobile doesn't have. My only hope is the Nexus phones rumored to come out later this year.

TMo fans are the most fun to troll.

Pass on the G for myself, I won't bother with a phone that has its software controlled by LG.

Not a photographer, are you? On a super tiny sensor, 8MP is better than 13MP. You'll have way too much noise with 13MP. You can't cram all those MP into a small sensor and not end up with noise in your pictures, especially the low light ones. I'd prefer a 5MP sensor honestly. When it comes to pictures, more MP doesn't always mean better. So AT&T is getting the better phone IMO.

That's quite a stretch.

For one, apparently the Sprint version is getting a totally different camera. It's not the same camera, but just with the option to shoot 13MP. It's a larger camera, which will protrude from the back of the phone, whereas AT&T's camera is smaller, and will not. I don't know how it will actually look when it's all said and done, but the fact is that the Sprint version is different, larger, which perhaps suggests that the increased size is used to do.. well... something..

Even if it's all a bunch of hubbub... the Sprint version will still be able to shoot 8MP, just like the AT&T version, I'm sure... so.... there's no way the AT&T version is BETTER. It, at best, will produce pictures equally as good as what Sprint can do (at 8MP), and that's only given the ASSUMPTION that the 13MP shots will suck... an assumption I'm not willing to concede sight unseen.

There's no way the AT&T version will do anything the Sprint version CANNOT do.

Not a stretch at all! Just read about even regular point-and-shoot cameras and the megapixel race. For years, the best point-and-shoot cameras have been the likes of the Canon S90 or S95. And they are only 10MP compared to other 12, 14, and 16MP cameras. The image quality of these "other" cameras doesn't even compare to the Canon S90/S95. It's because the S90/S95 have a larger sensor and less MP. You can't argue science with "that's a stretch".

Nice addition to Sprints line up. Evo, S3, Optimus G, Nexus, Photon Q, and whatever else they have with LTE. Now we just need LTE coverage, lol. I just can't lock into another contract with Sprint unless I get decent LTE service.

Since I'm stuck in a no 4G area (Detroit) with crap 3G, it doesn't matter what phones Sprint has. I'm just waiting for the Amazon penny sale to bolt to AT&T, 99% sure a Galaxy S III.

I would too as long as the camera sensor performance is not worse. I could care less about 8 or 13 MP. AT&T usually mucks things up when they decide they need something different.

I'm right there with you, I simply will never buy another phone on an old OS. Promises, promises, I've been here way to long to see what really happens to devices after they've been released.

Don't let these manufacturers fool you, my old Galaxy S Epic 4G ran ICS just fine. Now I'm seeing devices with better specs and owners being told their device won't be upgraded and the main reason seems to be for performance issues.

I don't think you're ready fo this jelly. I don't think you're ready fo this jelly. Cuz my body's so bootylicious

Yeah, looks reaaallly iPhone-ish to me with the shape and upper/lower bezels. Glass back, really LG? Did you not read how this didn't go over so well on the iPhone?