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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4



It would be awesome to get this phone I have not been able to get because of money issues but I've been trying to get this phone hope I can win it. Thanks for reading the comment.

This is how the story begins…the story about a young man who wanted to believed that dreams can come true. He didn’t hesitate when he thought about making his wish a reality. He started to plan his elaborated plan to get the device of his dreams but as the plan progress the goal kept moving Further away. He struggle with the idea of giving up but he had made a promise to him self that He would do this not just to get it but to prove to him self that if He wanted something he could get it. He would just work hard for it. But really stroke and He founded himself in a race he could not win. But one day, browsing trough the web as he usually did every day not knowing that life had a lesson to teach him that day. Reading and article un he found out that they were giving away a NEXUS 4 for free. He knew to himself that the device had cost him a lot, it was not free for him but in his heart he knew that he had found his device. God had thought him that in life if you do thing the right way, He will find a way to compensate you. This is not a Phone, This is a symbol of hard work, hope, dreams, and good faith. This is what we people need. This is inspiration.

I've always wanted a chance to try out a vanilla Android device. I'd love to upgrade to the Nexus 4.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I will feed him with the wireless charger and buy one of your cases.

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Yes not only will I feed him white apples he can eat all the blackberry's he can stomach he'll get a name a a cradle hell be my best little friend him and his brother nexus 7 will be best friends.

Hi Jerry,
I don't know if I should make this short and sweet or if I should ramble and grovel. But now that I've reached this far, I will try to strike a balance, just like Google did in marrying affordable, performance hardware with cutting-edge software. But you know this already... You wrote all the reviews!!!

If you love your Nexus that much, then give her a home in the tropical island of Trinidad, where she and I can sip on cool fresh coconuts on a white, sandy beach where warmed Atlantic waters gently lap at your feet while the aroma of indigenous foods wafts through the cool air, tickling your mind with the promises of the buffet of pleasures that the young evening holds in store.

I have had a great relationship with Android bodies, and I have taken care of my HTC Sensation, until she has now all but lost all her sensation... forcing me to take another. I assure you that she will be in safe hands for the rest of her life.

Jerry, may I have your Android's hand in carriage?

I want one sooooo badd but cant afford it. Please pick me i will pamperr it feed it shower it take it on walks and play catch with it

For months I have yearned for a Nexus 4. Dreamed. Salivated.
Will this one be mine? Can a man dream? Or will I be forced to continue my on-again-off-again relationship with my Atrix 2?
Only time and fate will tell.

I would love a nexus phone to keep learning some android development

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thanks for running the contest. this would help me make the switch over to tmo and their cheaper phone plans.

I need a Nexus 4 to try out T-Mobile. And to add to my Nexus generation collection.

i have an apple tree. well its my neighbors but the apples fall in my yard... so that makes them mine.

I'd love to replace my wife's Iphone 4 with this! She's due for an upgrade but have put off upgrading due to the newborn baby we have in the house (Gotta tighten up expenses). Thanks!

My Nexus 4 needs a sibling. I will provide a good home for it and replace my gf's Galaxy Nexus with the new N4. I will root it and unlock the bootloader so he will grow big and strong with Paranoid Android 3.5. I won't put silly clothes(cases) on my new Nexus 4 because I want everyone to see how beautiful it is.

My girlfriend would love an N4, so that we have matching phones. Its her birthday in a week, would be fantastic to surprise her.

I could really use this upgrade. I have been rocking the Samsung S II and this would be a very worthy upgrade. *Come on good karma, please pay off!*

I'd love a Nexus 4. I've managed to keep my two boys alive and happy for four years.

My cousin has one that makes me jealous of it :p and I would really love having the nexus 4 superstar!!
P.S-And I do have lots of apples to keep it happy pappy :D

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I would loving winning the Nexus 4, it would be my first android device. So when you think about it, you should choose me because you will enlighten a long term iPhone 2g user about the obvious Android superior over iOS.

Count me in Jerry, I am still rocking a Nexus One since 2010 and could do with a Nexus update.

After using an iPhone for the past couple of months, I definitely want to go back to using an Android phone for a while and the Nexus 4 would be an awesome choice to get to use

I promise to feed it, trim its toenails, brush its fur, give it a flea collar and a smooth 110 volts whenever it gets hungry.

I would love and feed it (electricity) and bathe it (in adoration) all day long. I could finally put it's distant cousin (a Samsung Mesmerize) to rest (only for tinkering/my little sister's new PMP).

Wont be missing that chance. Hope this isn't US-only. :)
I'll be happy to feed this little nexus kid an apply a day :D

I'll take the Nexus 4 in! It'll get treated like royalty and will be feed from a golden spoon with Apples for it to munch on!

I can convert another Apple user if I can win this Nexus 4 phone. Just saying. One more point for Android. If not, I will keep trying. But here is to hoping... :)

Oh yeah I would love to help you with your problem !! I will take it

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Please can my wife have your spare Nexus 4? at the moment she is using a iPhone 3g. Poor thing can no longer receive push-mail as the phone cannot run her email providers app, due to lacking enough grunt to power it.
I will vouch for her ability to care for it. It will never be left precariously on the edge of the kitchen table; teetering on the verge of an almost inevitable fall. I can also assure you that it will nearly never be thrown into her handbag to jangle about with her make-up, re-surfacing in the evening, looking like a dishevelled Joker. And it certainly will not, ever, be perched on the arm of our sofa, waiting for someone to knock it onto the floor. She will be sure to charge it for at least five minutes each morning before work, and will not bemoan it's inability to hold a full days charge.

Please help her!!!....

My contract with Sprint is up on June 23rd. I'm making the switch to TMobile to get rid of my Palm Pre. It would be nice to save a few dollars and win a shiny new phone.

Moms is trying out Android on a WifI Only Optimus S !

We need to get her OTR fix with a Nexus 4 - and she will be a devoted Lloyd fan for life.


I have been looking to adopt a nexus 4 for a long time, if you choose me he will be going to a loving owner who will feed him apples everyday and take him for long sold on the beach

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If I win, I promise to post a picture of myself with a Nexus 4 up to each ear.

...and then I'll give it to my girlfriend because I'm not *that* much of an asshole. :)

Would be nice to get on a modern device... the AT&T SGS2 is really starting to show its age... and I have an apple tree in the back yard.

I have been waiting years to get off my contract with sprint. It ends soon and I would love to have the nexus 4. I am currently rocking a galaxy nexus and loving every minute of it except the cracked screen.

I'm ready to go unlocked and be free! Please let me be unlocked and free with this nexus 4!

Yes please! My nexus 7 is lonely, and would love a new playmate! I hear they get along famously!

Would love to win this device! I drool over this phone every time I see it in action! And getting it from android central would be the icing on the cake!

Who doesn't want this awesome phone? And I think a daily Apple feeding would be easy to maintain, but that's just me

Jerry, i'm the new home for that Nexus 4, if you give the chance. #HOLOYOLO

Thx in advance.

I'd love to have this as my new phone. I have not had a Nexus phone since the HTC version with the track ball. whoomp whoomp



Just what I always wanted. My own little [nexus 4]. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...
...and pat him and pet him and...
...and rub him and caress him and...

-from "The Abominable Snow Rabbit (1961)" :)

Nexus4 is my dream phone. I'm currently running a GNex but this one started to feel sluggish.

Well I for some strange chance I win this will give me good reason to finely leave sprint and their useless data connections!

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This would be just the thing for my fiance, I was planning on bringing her to android from an iPhone 4 later this year, but doing it now sounds better! :)

i promise to feed it Apples and Berries to its heart's content and give it a nice Window in my pocket ;)

As the Nexus 4 was my original choice when I made the mistake of being convinced to drop all my savings on a Note 2 which continues to give me hardware issues... I would appreciate this phone more then you could imagine.

Wife's Evo broke and she's stuck with an old IPhone! YUCK! This could literally save our marriage!!!

I will be more than happy to provide this Nexus 4 with a new home filled with love and committed to providing a long term home. I'm quite positive there is no better home for this Nexus 4 to go to!

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4

If you give it to me, I promise to convert my wife from the evil Apple empire with it! I vow to keep it rooted with unlocked bootloader and customized to the brink for her. I vow to setup tasker tasks that automate every facet of her day to day life. Tasks that auto sync her photo album with the family NAS, to setting up location profiles that turn her GPS, bluetooth, and WiFi on and off by location. I promise to tweak that which makes her life easier, and leave alone that which simply makes sense. This I solemnly swear to the, Oh Neckbeard extraordinaire!

I have a great little place for a Nexus. Would fit in right at home here and I'd be honored to take it off your hands for you!!!

I would love to have a Nexus 4. I promise I will take ever such great care of it(a few apples around it could devour).

i'll tell her to throw the rotten apples outside and close the windows,so that she looks much more customized with out any restrictions

Vanilla is my favorite ice cream and Android flavor! Some say I'm boring, but I say it's perfect!

Seven months after release, the Nexus 4 is still the best way to experience Android.

I have a girl android phone he can play and grow up with! And I promise to them both that eating APPLES are good for them!

Would be nice to give to my mom so she can get rid of that iPhone 4 and get back on android.

My girlfriend's on an iPhone 3GS. Besides the fact that it's an iPhone, it's also old, beat up, and now every app she's got is crashing constantly, and rebuilding it from iTunes is no longer making the difference. She's convinced she needs a phone with a comparably small screen, while I'm convinced that if she gets her hands on a Nexus 4, like mine, for an extended period of time, she'll adjust and love it. Please help me prove this to her by sending her a Nexus 4.

random number pickers don't seem to like me but got to keep on trying I guess. Would love and adore a LG Nexus 4 from AC!

would love to upgrade my wife's gs2 to a nexus 4 that way she will stop eyeing mine!

Just bought my dad a used Galaxy nexus and the pure nexus gave me the shivers. Almost gave him my HTC One X so I could keep it. This would make it so much nicer :-)

My Galaxy Nexus is slow. Please send me a nexus 4. :)

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.. In the end, we had so much fun together. He was there when I got piss drunk at my graduation, recording videos of me dressed up like an idiot. He was there when I met my girlfriend, taking pictures of us driving in the countryside. He also helped me with my master thesis project on Android, you know. He wanted me to use him as a test device for my application. Hell of a friend, he is. A companion, if you know what I mean.

I always tried to be nice to him, preventing him from falling, protecting him from scratches, avoiding him to be taken away from me. But no matter what, months started to leave an increasingly deep impact over his performances.

He could no longer catch the right moment when taking a photo.
His videos, once astonishing, started stuttering.
He began refusing to work, telling me nasty words, something like "System UI has stopped". Like knives stabbing my heart.
When I first met him, he could stay awake for almost two days without any need for a recharge: now, he can barely reach the end of the day.

He is dying, very fast. I don't think he will reach the end of the week.

But I won't let him down. I won't be like many others, who just throw away something just because it does not work anymore. I will stay with him until the very end.

A few moments ago, he told me something. He said that he doesn't want me to be alone, even if he will be gone. He said, "I will nominate my heir, someone who will be better than me in every aspect. He will be loyal, active, relentless. And beautiful..".

He is asleep now, but I remember his last two words.

"Nexus.. 4."

We had fun, me and him, my Galaxy Nexus..

I would love to win it as I am trying to get my gf to ditch her Apple iDevice (feed it to the Nexus 4 when we get it)...and then we can have fun and play ingress together.

want, in fact if I get this I would be willing to switch to t-mo (currently on a sprint mvno) (I will never switch over to att, that place is a total nightmare)

I have an iPhone 5. I HATE THIS PHONE!

Please, I need the "definitive" reason to switch to Android.....and that is a spanky-new Nexus 4!

I will treat this phone amazingly! This would be a great replacement for the phone I have now which isn't even a smart phone! I would love to win this nexus 4! #HOLOYOLO

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There once was phone named N4
Which snapped its dragon quad-core
It's Android, vanilla
But boy what a thrilla
This geek could sure use one more

Please pick me :-s , I'm from Romania and this I really really wish to have this smart phone NEXUS 4 :X !!!! I love Androids

Hum, I'm switching carriers and this would be a great way to keep my wife from being angry I dumped more money out for a new phone... She would take my unlocked iPhone 5. It's a win all around!

Please, wanted to drop the iphone for nexus and give T-mobile a try, Please.....would also do a follow up for androidcentral if necessary.

He would have a good home. I have plenty of Apple to feed him. Plus it would be another device to dev on.

I promise to take excellent care of it. I'm Red Cross CPR certified, I've had 7 years of babysitting experience and have raised two wonderfully healthy and happy children. But our family is alway welcome to bringing in more love, and I'D LOVE TO HAVE THAT PHONE! PLEASE!

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