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No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to use three Nexus 4 phones. Maybe a radioactive spider will bite me one day and it will be possible, but for now I have one Nexus 4 too many. That means this little fellow has to find a new home.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who will love him forever and feed him every day (he likes Apples). If this sounds like you, apply by leaving a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll kill the comments and pick a winner. Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.


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Spring cleaning: Win an LG Nexus 4


My little brother Broke my Nexus 4. At the moment i am rocking my G1 till i get a new one. Please Pick me Nexus 4 all the way


May the force compel you to give me a nexus 4

Sent from an NSA computer located in the dungeon of Area 51

Come on say it with me now. NEXUS 4...No breathe when you say it. NNNNNNNEEEEEEXXXXXXUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS FFFFFOOOOOOOUUUUUUURRRRRR!!!!!!! There you go, now don't you feel better?

I hear you guys like giving stuff away! Well good news, I LIKE WINNING STUFF! (though I have yet to win anything, I'm just guessing I'd like winning)

So let's put my theory to test. Let me win something and I'll let you know if I really do enjoy winning things!

That would make my move from Pre Central to Android Central perfect.

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Considering I've had my Samsung Captivate for almost three years now.. yeah, I think I could live a Nexus 4 for the phone equivalent of forever.

You guys are the best! Thanks for all that you do for the Android community.

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Dudes! I work in a Drama School with loads of Apples, it all a drama here. There are too many Apples for my work colleagues Nexus 4 to eat and his is getting very, very lonely, it needs a friend to help with the abundance of Apples to eat, please help a single lonely Nexus 4 find a mate to have dinner with.

Finally! I've had a poor, lonely Nexus 7 who has been despondent for the past few years, pining for the days when he would see his little brother again.

Tragically separated a few years ago, the family has found shelter wherever it could, hoping to come back together at some point. Once their older brother went away to college (the Nexus 10 that I gave to my daughter... to go to college), it was only the 7 and 4 to get through the long, lonely IOS fights. Then, without warning, the government forced the two youngsters to separate homes for proper parental supervision.

Wouldn't it be the right thing to do to bring together the brothers Nexii? Have you ever been unhappy that you did the right thing?

I'll tell seven that he may have an unexpected guest soon... hope he doesn't lose any pixels over it.

Lets see,

Galaxy Nexus dying :CHECK

Tmobile 30.00 prepaid :CHECK

Current employment Status, unemployed :CHECK

Thankful to Jerry for this gift :PRICELESS

As said once by a wise man, "Seven months after release, the Nexus 4 is still the best way to experience Android."

I really need this for developing themes...please consider me I need a new phone since I shattered my galaxy nexus!


Well i have a iphone right now, I would love to let him eat my apple so I can have a Google phone :)

I can feed him many apples. Just look at my profile pic, doesn't get better than that!

"Nexus" eating an apple a day. Just what the doctor ordered.

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I REALLY want a Nexus 4.
I'll take care of him and.. well, I have an iPhone 4S to feed him with (doesn't he like Apples?).

:D :D :D

I really need this Nexus 4 for my ROM development.. I really need device like this.. it will be really great full if i win this device..

I've converted one of my kids to Android....maybe this will convince one of the other three.

Thanks in advance for the Nexus 4!!! Really needing an upgrade as my phone is lagging in everything I do. I have to reboot the phone 3 times a day.

New nexus... I will give it a good home.. Ill love it and pet it and name it George

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I will take care of that lg nexus 4 and love it forever and mostly make it my every day 24/7 handset.. I had never owned nexus and this could be my lucky day =]

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I'm applying to be a Nexus father. I'd make sure it has a great home with me and I'd also make sure to spend tons of time with him daily. Thanks Jerry!

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Would love to win the nexus 4 have never won anything on her would be great for the first time I win to be a nexus 4

Android central is the only android news and information source I use! Do I win? ;-)

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I'll take good care of your baby, protect him with a case and screen protector, and treat him like the delicate yet powerful baby he is. :P

Jerry, Wife broke my phone(Galaxy Nexus) during an angry moment the other day, please help me out with the pick, am using it with an ugly crack on the screen. :-(

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Yes I want one! My Nexus S is really showing its age (we call it the "patience phone", because you have to be patient and wait for it to acknowledge key presses and such). I would love an upgrade!

Ill take good care of him and make sure he has a nap till he is fully charged.
I would'nt make it fat by downloading lots of crap
so please pick me i've never won anything

I think you guys are long over-due for giving me something free. I mean, I'm in every one of these contests! I actually have a great place for Neximus Maximus (Yes, he's already been assigned an overly masculine name) to reside! He'll be paired up with a few accessories and used on AT&T.

Seriously, stop playing around. It's my turn.

Hello! I would like to win. I shall love him and squeeze him and call him Beep Boop.

Wow what a give away! NEXUS 4 life and would be amazing to win such a Google experience device. #HOLOYOLO Good luck to everyone!

I don't need one since I have one. But my new and now pregnant wife would love a Nexus 4!

It'd be my absolute honor to have such a wonderful phone as the Nexus remains the best Android phone on the planet..

I'll make it and maybe you, a home-made apple pie if it gets me a new Nexus device. I'm sure my nexus 7 would like a younger brother.

I have a ton of apples to feed the little guy; he will fit in nicely with the clan!

I will love him and squeeze him and hold him and squeeze him...Hey what happened to the little Nexus?

I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him... and, when he is bad, I will stroke his fur the wrong way!

My wife and I were thinking of adopting a child == I think this cute little Nexus 4 would make us both happy!!!!

Willing to provide a loving and nurturing environment for this precious bundle of joy.

I would love to have this to kill my wifes iPad mini and iPhone die apple.

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looking for a new nexus device hasn't been this easier!
My galaxy s2 broked, and I need a new phone!
Thanks androidcentral community, I really like the nexus 4

Did I leave a comment? Oh well. Please pick me, it would be awesome to finally have a new phone

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I'd love one so I could experience all those cool new features Apple just invented for iOS7

My pocket full of money . I will spend on nexus 4 buy food, cloths for it from whole world . World is not enough .......

Nexus for me. ... For the first time I'm so excited.. I hope I win this.. But if you have plans to give away an HTC one... Then I don't mind losing this and winning that one. The only two phones that I ever wanted! !

Oh I'll feed him so many apples. An apple a day keeps the hardware failure away :D!

I'd love to have a Nexus 4

Oh man a Nexus 4 would reeeeaaaaalllly help me with the new ROM I'm working on.. that was id know if my errors were device or Rom specific *fingers crossed* #newromsforeveeyone #nexusplz #devstatus

My O2X is getting old, I would love Nexus 4, beautiful phone. And I have some apples too.

I want a nexus 4 so that I can enjoy the speed and performance of hte latest android. Please pick me so that I can dump the htc one s that I have now

I've been looking for the best opportunity to upgrade without signing another contract and this would be perfect! Please let me win

I love android central n sure im longing for nexus !!!!! ....hmmmm....even dreaming about it makes me happy :)))

i'm a broke college student in need of a new cell phone . This would help me out a ton and also been looking at getting the nexus 4 as an option. If it does not go to me I hope you give it to some one that needs it more than me.

Jerry, wife broke my phones screen during an angry moment, please help me out with the pick, am using it with a horrible crack on the screen(Galaxy Nexus)

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I try so hard and join every contest like this but I have no luck. I envy so much the other people winning stuff like this. Oh well congrats to the winner I guess.

I'd really love this. I've been toying with getting one, but alas, feeding my 3 year old and my 7 month old come first. :\

I really badly want this. I will take care of him very much. I also have a sufficient amount of apples to feed him. Nexus 4 will be taken care of more than anything. NEXUS!!!!!!!!!

I have a N4 and i bought one for my wife... within 48 hours of giving it to her she dropped it in a toilet and i didn't have a chance to get a sqaure trade on it yet. Need a replacement for her please?

Woaah, 1313 comments already!? I would love to throw out my iPhone if I ever got this aha :)

My dad needs a new phone so bad. And I kind of forgot about father's day...

I'm so ready to stop lugging around carrier-mandated bloatware! One way or another my next Android phone will be pure google.

Ill give it a good. I have an apple tree in the backyard so he can have all the apples he wants

My OG Evo 4G needs replacing and my wife has plenty of apples for it to eat :)

Also, I love how 3 Nexus 4s is 1 too many; you only have 2 hands after all.

To whom this may concern:

My Galaxy Nexus recently passed away so I'm without an Android. I would like to adopt your Nexus to fill that hole in my heart. I have plenty of Apples for it to eat and I will take excellent care of it. I will take it for walks, it can come with me to work so it's not at home all day by itself, and I'll even let in sleep in my room.

From a guy in search of a Black Nexus 4

I will make sure to give it a great home. He will be used the become the dominate nexus is the house, finally overthrowing my galaxy nexus. He will also play with my Samsung captivate and HTC HD2. Hopefully he gets along with tablets because I also have a TF101 in the house.

I have a technology emergency!!! My sister bought me an $*@–PHONE for christmas and I–HATE it! (get the reference???) PLEASE HELP ME CROSS OVER INTO THE ADVANCED WORLD YOU CALL ANDROID SO I CAN EXPERIENCE HOW A SUPERIOR OPERATING SYSTEM REALLY FEELS!

Please don't kill my comment D: But if you'd like to replace my dying HTC Sensation with the Nexus 4, I'd be very grateful!

Would love to be the lucky recipient of the Nexus 4. Been wanting one since it came out, but can't afford to take care of my family and get a new phone too. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'll take it off your hands. I can think of a way to use 2. Thank you, Jerry. Can I have the white one that you have? @

I'll take good care of him! And supply him with a lifetime of Apples, even though they are a bit expensive (pun intended). :D

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Sweet, I have a perfect home. My Wife needs a Android phone that she can care for. The apples haven't been doing her well and its perfect to feed the Nexus .

I've been trying to get one of these for a while. I promise to give it a good home saturated in HSPA+.

I have lots of apples up here in upstate NY. Would love to have him

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Oh I'll feed it Apples...and let it play with Windows...ok that doesn't work...the Windows part...umm...I'll...feed it BBQ? Anyho I would L O V E a Nexus 4!

I don't know why I'm even trying. There's already 1000+ comments for goodness sake. Regardless, I'd like to win the Nexus 4 to enjoy a stock Android experience. Hopefully I can eventually get my hands on a case for it.I have a reputation for dropping my phone. To wrap things up, I'd really appreciate winning this Nexus. Not too sure how I'd even say thank you. But, for now I can say thanks for the opportunity. And have funpicking a winner from all these people :p
Have a good day.

If I win this it might be enough to make me leave Verizon and their sorry line up of phones and jump to ATT!

Would finally let me leave sprint and start checking out a contract free life!

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