Sony Xperia M

A low-end unlocked handset with a bit of Sony flair and four color options

We posted earlier today that Three UK and Sony teamed up to sell the new low-end offering Xperia M, and now we're seeing the phone up for sale directly from Sony's online store in the US as well. $249.99 (with free shipping) direct from Sony will get you an unlocked handset with a 4-inch FWVGA (480x854) display, dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, 1700mAh battery and a 5MP camera — along with Android 4.1 and Sony's latest software features. The phone is currently on offer in four colors: white, black, yellow (which is particularly nice looking) and purple.

Now the obvious point to make here is that the 16GB Nexus 4 is still on sale directly from the Play Store for the same price with a much better spec sheet. Anyone looking to pinch pennies and get the best bang for their buck is probably better off picking it up instead. That being said, aside from Google we really haven't seen many manufacturers dabble in this $250 unlocked phone space selling directly to the US, so we have to give Sony a bit of a hat tip for making this device available.

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Sony Xperia M now on sale unlocked in the US, yours for $249.99


Absolutely, it's nice to see decent phones being sold for reasonable amounts unlocked.

I think any comparison to the Nexus 4 is a bit unfair. Sure, at the moment, there's very little reason anyone would buy this over the Nexus, but the current pricing of the Nexus is really an anomaly - Google is obviously clearing stock ahead of a new device, which will most likely return the Nexus line to the $350+ range. At that point, to someone who's pinching pennies and doesn't need/want the latest and greatest, this would be a decent purchase.

BTW, WHY ARE WE YELLING? I think people on android central know the nexus 4 is a steal at it's current price.

At first I was glad to see some more choice in the $250~ market then I remembered the Lumia 520/521/620 are sold for about $100 or a heck of a lot cheaper and offers very similar specs you just need to unlock it. So this should be much cheaper. I know it's not Android but still...

I'll agree that phones like the Lumia 520/521 unlocked in the $99-$149 are an amazing deal and really push the boundaries of how cheap you can get a phone that still offers a solid experience and spec sheet. It should be noted that Samsung and other manufacturers make solidly-specced devices in the realm of the Lumia 520/521 around the $150 price point too, theyre just not selling them directly unlocked in the US but rather in emerging markets instead.

This Xperia M is still a good example of Sony offering a solid phone at an uncharacteristically (for Sony) low price directly to the US unlocked. We need more devices in this space.

Why would anyone buy this over the Nexus 4 priced at the exact same price?

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Not everyone is a "Geek" and wants a stripped down platform. That's why. Why would anyone buy a ford or a chevy.. when you can buy a Toyota or Honda..

Because it's what They Want.. NOT what you think they need.. If you can't see that, then you need to check Yourself.

Terrible comparison. Buying this over a Nexus 4 is like buying a Prius over a Cadillac or Audi when you could get all of them for the same price.

agreed, absolutely terrible comparison.
It's not just android nerds who prefer vanilla android.
My girlfriend had a few samsung devices and hated them.
She got a acer tablet which is practically AOSP, and she loves it so when she needed a new phone I showed her the nexus 4 and she loved it.
She loved how easy it was to use.

There's nothing stripped down about stock android anymore, it's all perception.
Not having bloated excessive features that people don't use can be a good thing.

This isn't an article stating how awesome this device is as much as saying it's a welcome addition to a price point that has no competition.

Sorry, but this isn't even a good price for the specs even if the Nexus 4 pricing didn't exist. Even my 3 years old Galaxy S have similar screen and display size, they could atleast make it qHD and run 4.2.2.

If one don't mind buying used, HTC One S, One X and Galaxy Nexus can be had at similar price or less. As for new, there are some good Chinese manufacturers to fill this price range for a little more bucks like Meizu and Xaoimi, maybe ZTE too if you mind alleged security risk by the DOD.

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I'm sorry but this just seems like a really sorry attempt at getting their foot thru the door of smartphones. Not off to a great start if u ask me. Between this and their past.

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@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

this is a great step from SONY. but all the high grade brand like Sony, Samsung n so on should offer their low end smartphone more low price, because there so many good smartphone in low price like ZTE, Simphony, Hweai .....

Thanks in Advance