Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony continues its commitment to open-source device software

Taking to its developer portal, Sony has posted a download for the complete open-sourced software for its newest giant device the Xperia Z Ultra. Even though it hasn't been broadly released yet — currently slated for a September 12th launch — Sony is releasing a full archive of the software (version 14.1.B.0.461) for the C6802 HSPA+ model for download. Sony has a pretty good track record when it comes to open-sourcing its device software, and we're glad they're doing it again here.

Enterprising developers and tinkerers alike that are trying to get a head start on development for the device can grab a download of the full archive at the source link below. The download clocks in at a hefty 228MB for the whole deal, and will give you access to all the bits you'll want to have your hands on.

Source: Sony


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Sony open sources Xperia Z Ultra software


Thats so awesome by Sony.......if only the big red thing im stuck on woukd carry the coolest phones.....I would rock this brick like an 80's boom box!

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People should learn to bypass the carriers.;)

I am already rocking this brick... in the US.

It's a wonderful device, highly recommended.

If I would stuck on a troublesome carrier, I would just buy an imported device and tether it with one of the carrier devices (using the latter for connection) and make calls etc over WiFi. Personally, that is what I would do since I prefer a great, clean device rather than a bloated one.;)

I wish this phone had a camera flash, if so I would get it over the N3 or one Maxx. Sony you really screwed the pooch with that decision.

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I don't know, but the overall design is getting boring for all vendors. All SOny phones look same (just size is different).

The screen also looks 'washed-out'.

A magnificent device from Sony. The things which I like most about Xperia Z are that it is designed to be resistant to both dust and water.

Dear Sony: Get one of your better phones on Sprint and I'll seriously consider buying it. I like your stances on supporting the dev community, but not enough to go to AT&T or Verizon.