Xperia Z1 Compact with KitKat

Since Sony's Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra started receiving their Android 4.4 KitKat updates a couple of weeks back, some Xperia owners have been reporting audio glitches on their devices. Specifically, a troublesome bug would sometimes cause notifications and calls to be played through the internal speaker rather than the external speaker, making them almost impossible to hear. But there's good news for those affected this morning, as Sony says a fix is on the way.

A statement given by local Sony reps to Italian site Quelli Che Telefonano reveals that a new update will be pushed out from next week with a solution for the audio issues. As always, the manufacturer says the exact rollout timing will depend on your region and carrier. If you've experienced audio bugs since updating your Xperia phone to KitKat, hit the comments and let us know.

Source: Quelli Che Telefonano; via: XperiaBlog


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Sony: Fix coming for Xperia KitKat audio bug


Happens to me at this moment with my Xperia Z1, I was waiting for the fix, thank God sony noticed. In the meantime what I was doing to resolve the issue was going to the settings, volume, slide the ringtone to the left, let the "example of volume" noise to be hear, slide it back to full, click done, should reset volume being heard from main-bottom speaker rather than internal speaker.

@julio melhado....and what about heating up of z1 and battery it happens.?????....well i have z1...and i got kitkat update notifications but i havn't update yet......

Same thing happened to me really annoyed, called into phone shop and they wouldn't believe me. Was regretting purchasing the Z1.

I think I'm one of the lucky few who didn't experience any bugs whatsoever on my Z1 on KitKat

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I have not had any of the problems with my C6903 that people have been mentioning, except perhaps the issue with the camera button not waking the phone always. But that was an issue before Kitkat.

Nah, my phone is just a month old, got KitKat..but no glitches..But hey, if solution is coming them what's wrong In updating

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THAT explains why my notifications have sometimes been so silent lately. My unlocked asia-pacific market Z Ultra definitely has experienced this.

Yup been suffering from this issue since the update.... Missing alarms and the pain of having to reset my phone each time it happens

I'm getting the problem with the quiet or no notification as well. This is on both calls and texts. I was getting ready to take the phone back to Vodafone when I heard that a fix was on its way. Another problem was that I have no call log so I've had to download an app. Shouldn't have to do that on a £500 phone.

today is 7th of April
we are waiting sony to release this f*c*i*g update fix for xperia Z1, always sony last company in update and when they release it hhhhhhhhhhhhh release with many bugs.
My friends have nexus, htc, s4 with android kitkat since 4 months without any problem.
bad time when i chose my smart phone from sony.

I just updated yesterday an am getting the audio issue specially the videos dont play on external speaker and neither do the notification and sometimes the ringtone.Was unhappy with what happened

I'm also having problems with the update of my Z1, the touch is coming out in very low internal headset. This is getting way compricado buy sony phones that already being the second unit I have problems with update sony device.

Yup, having the same issues here. Thought it was a defect on my phone till I read this. Really hope the fix arrives soon, it is really annoying. Been missing calls and not waking up on time coz I cant hear the alarm!! Have to keep turning phone off and back on again to resolve the issue

This kitkat update is horrendous, my Z1 has slowed down to a crawl, the camera stalls, no call logs, touch screen problems, poor connectivity to pc, sound bugs, as he day goes on, more problems manifests

Wish i could roll back to jelly bean!!!

After upgraded to kitkat, (.681), there is no sound output from my connected earphone. Upgraded to the latest version (.757) didn't help to solve the problem.

This is good news. Since upgrading I have had this issue. Bad timing with the recent release of Samsung s5. Liking the z1 but not this issue. Also had phone freeze and had to hard reset the phone to make it restart. When will this fix be released in Nz.

Same problem since i updated my xperia Z1 i have problem with ringtone volume i cant heard doesnt get out from the down speaker...fix ittt

Apart from the audio bugs, I'm experiencing a bug with the wallpaper. On using an app or game or locking and unlocking the screen, the wallpaper distorts. The only fix is to switch the Z1 off and switch it back on again.

Man, I thought it was my third party SMS manager GoProSMS... Glad to hear it isn't.. Only just played a bid since the update and is coming out the ear piece
Hoping the big will be fixed in a quick new release..

Yes i am one of the sony z1 user who get infected by the android kitkat audio bugs and please help to fix it asap. This is somehow annoying when ppl calling but yet we did not notice the alert!

I updated my phone to Kit Kat as soon as it was available, and it was fine up until today, which I what led me here. Thank god my month old phone isn't broken!! Impatiently waiting for the fix!

Hi, ever since I did the system upgrade my ringtone keeps resetting to low and I keep missing calls due to not being able to hear my phone ring. I have a Sony z1 xperia. Does anyone else have the same problem and how do I overcome this issue.

I.have the same.issue.
Is there a fix.for.this please?
Another issue which is clearly not as bad is that they keyboard decides to add full stops in when it likes. You can see some above that I can't be bothered removing and shouldn't need to.
Biggest issue by far is the speaker volume.
It impacts everything, alarm clock, ring.tone, notifications, music apps.
What is being.done.and how can I access the fix?

I too have had sound problems and missed many calls
Been to the 02shop and they never mentiond the update, do I have to do anything to update or will it update automatically?
Not happy with this phone at all

I too had the same issue on Xperia Z from last night, so today I backed up all my contacts & apps, did a Factory Data Reset on all apps. It's working fine now, no issues with the speaker volume now. It took me about an hour to restore all the apps and I was good to go...

Gosh, gosh!!
I just google around and hit upon this.. Did quick browse and read somewhat similar HUGE issues that I'm facing now with my newly bought Z1 Compact.

I am not sure the event leading to this, but I did recently Upgrade to Kitkat 4.4.2

Phone is absurdly HOT when there is NOthing running and even after reboot.
Battery drains unbelievably and crazily fast during this time.
I am about to either sell off to unaware buyers or go over service centre to scream!!

So is there anything we as owners can do to kick sony's butt to get these fixed ASAP? Pls tell me as I want this fixed.
Phone is hardly usable being this hot and power drained so fast

Hey I think I'm facing the same problem, are you receiving every single minute that the "the phone is shutting sown due to high temperature"? I was thinking maybe it's a hardware problem, I came up with buying a new battery, so you think it might be a software problem? I also have Z1 Compact.

after upgrading my Xperia z ultra to.kitkat 4.4.2 there was glitch in the sound when notification come....and the battery drain too fast and hot with in seconds

after upgrading to 4.4.2 there was glitch in the sound when notification come....and the battery drain too fast and hot with in seconds

Same problem with my z1 over here in Australia. I found turning the phone off and on again fixed the problem for a short while. Annoying.

I've just got the Xperia z1 compact after seeing all the reviews and I've had nothing but trouble with it! Good to no there sorting out the sound as I can never hear it even watching videos online is impossible with no sound!! Very disappointed!

I haven't had any sound issues but battery life has shortened and camera lags like 5 secs or more. Also phone is a little slower in general. Hope those will be fixed as well. And we need that fix ASAP.

My partner had been having this issue since the update. He has not yet received the firmware fix. Pretty much renders his phone useless!!! He has the Xperia z1 and is with Telstra in Australia.
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The camera for my Xperia z1 really slowed down. It takes a lot of time to capture a picture, to switch between front and main camera, and sometimes it doesn't launch at all and says "camera is not available". I really love my Xperia. And it's still new. Please try to fix these problems.

Im using Experia M with 4.3 since a week n suddenly since yday having audio issues while on calls.
Any suggestions ??(India)

I can't hear anything when someone calls.. Works perfectly with headlines but not comes to speaker

And the sound quality is very poor while playing music / video

I have an xperia L which I recently got but now after about a week it has come up with this problem that it is playing all sound through the internal speakers, in updates I am up to android 4.2.2 not sure what to do?? Any advice or instructions would be really handy

i have xperia zl. after updaing 4.3 to 4.4.2 kit kat .when i call . other person can,t listen me.although i can hear him. mic is sowing contiously off. i tried evrything. but problem not solve,please any one suggent me.

I'm having different type of problem. Whenever i type anything in my phone app. It crashes and says "unfortunately contacts has stopped." it is very irritating because i can't call any unknown number as it keeps crashing whenever i type anything.

What happened to my headset?! I'm really ticked off that this Kitkat thing I was asked to upgrade my Sony Xperia Z1 somehow shut off its use. I am only able to hear everything externally! I want to use my headset so I can listen & or watch my YouTube, Netflix, etc. privately so that I don't disturb my family while they are sleeping or when I'm out & about to the public! How can it be fixed? I've tried to find a solution to do it from my settings & sound options & there is nothing showing me how to fix this! Can someone or Kitkat itself fix this problem right now! Please!

After updating my Sony xperia m2 to android 4.4.2 kitkat, sound and video are not in sync while playing games.There is a delay of sound by almost 2 seconds. Is there any solution to the problem?

Please help...urgent...
i bought my Xperia Z1 Compact one month ago, everything was fine till yesterday when the phone started shutting down due to high temperature!! while the phone was not even warm! I did every single possible
thing including reset factory, using Sony PC Companion, I even tried it in the safe mood, nothing helped....I installed a battery checker app on my phone, then I saw after using the phone specially using the internet, the temperature of the battery (according to the battery test application's warning) went higher and within 5-10 minutes... I'm really going crazy! I think I went already. Now I come up with buying a new battery, but I'm not still sure whether it's a hardware problem, does anyone know if it can be the result of this new version of android?

I have Sony Xperia M2. When i record video and trying to watch it, it DOES NOT PLAY ANY SOUND AT ALL!! My phone is updated to Android 4,4,2! It is really annoying! Can you tell me when the update with this bug fixed will be available in Bosnia & Herzegovina?? Or, at least, how can I solve this problem? To return the software back to previous version of Android?? I would appreciate your help!

After i upgraded my sony xperia m2 into kitkat it crashes the audio in my 3d games very delayed audio and the autofucos on the camera is not working, im so disappointed i just bouhgt my m2 last week..please fix it soon..thanks

Xperia M2 kitkat update has ruined my music player, it keeps stopping and starting randomly every 30 seconds or so, it's driving me crazy. Phone has become very glitchy too. I really hope you sort the problem out soon, my phone is half the phone it used to be :-/

Xperia M2.Also since kitkat update I have also noticed sound lag when watching videos, YouTube etc. Please let me know when this will be fixed.

I have Xperia Z and updated with kitkat recently.
But now a days I have problems with ear speaker, while answering calls, the ear speaker wont work and need to switch to external speaker for answering the call.
This is always happening in incoming calls.


I have a Xperia M2 and I have audio glitches when listen to podcasts (downloaded not streamed) on Pocket Casts and even when I listen to music with the Walkman App (downloaded not streamed).

The Alarm and Timer doesn't work anymore!
My Sony Xperia Z3 Compact has many problems with Alarm bell-rings and Timer rings. I cannot use any Alarm App from Play Store, cause it won't ring!, it won't work at all.
The only alarm that works is the native app, at least. But, Not the Timer.
Even the Timer (countdown) of the original App doen't work anymore, after the Android update. I tried to use many countdown-timers apps, and none of them would ring. The only one that could "ring" is one with the option of letting the "screen on" during the countdown. With the "screnn on mode", the Timer could ring the bell properly.

When I transfer videos to my xpeia J,
there is no audio on those files.
WTF is this ? every fucking time it has some problems , Am I here to waste my time with this shit always ?

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I recently bought the Sony Xperia M2, used it 4 a week and then it just died after I downloading a com2com game. It won't start no nothing now. Why, I've tried doing simulated battery pull and still nothing.

I'm using my Sony Xperia Z, i'd just bought it a few weeks ago. it was upgraded to Kitkat version then after a few days ago after i bought it, suddenly happens my speaker doesn't works, i don't know the reason why it doesn't work. help me please.