Sony Ericsson Neo

Sony Ericsson hasn't even announced the Neo, but that didn't stop the good folks at Techradar from getting their hands on a unit.  Formerly known by the name Hallon, the SE Neo is the Android version of the Symbian powered Vivaz's unique form factor.  Ask anyone with a smartphone fetish and they'll probably agree that Sony Ericsson brings beautiful and very well designed hardware to the table.  The curved back and center mounted rear camera (8.1 MP) on the Neo are great examples of this.  The truth comes when you turn them on, though.  Techradar says that Timescape running on Gingerbread has been improved, but we'll have to withhold judgment until we get our hands on one.  In the meantime, head over to the source link and have a look.  You know you're as curious as we are.  [Techradar]

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All of the Sony Android phones are UGLY!

spielnicht says:

You my friend, have therefore proved that you absolutely have no taste.

Among all Android devices, only SE and HTC have produced original and beautiful looking handsets. Moto is "ok" at best, Samsuck and LG, continue the Korean national trend of copying and uglyfing (Hyundai anyone?).

I absolutely love their phones hardware.
Very sexy and unique ooking

Um.. search button?

Y is the front cam. So big?? Looks lik a webcam

gcims says:

Better quality lens, more MP's? SE usually does cameras well.

freaknastyb says:

i love their phones just not sure how i feel about the UI. Its creative and beautiful looking but its always looks lagged out. they fix that and it would be great to see that as an alternative among the masses

stopsign002 says:

I agree. I think its weird there is no search button. I use the hell out of mine

dacp283 says:

SE has the best looking phones on the market. Htc phones all look almost identical and at least motorola changed their black slab form with the Droid X and it's curves. Take SE looks + motorola hardware + Htc ui and what you get is my perfect piece of sexy.