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Anyone out there pick up an LG Intuition on Verizon? Well, if you did, looks like you have a software update heading your way sometime soon. And no, it isn't looking like Jelly Bean, especially since the international variant the Optimus Vu hasn't had that yet. 

But, updates usually have some goodies in for us, right? There's the usual bug fixes built in, along with enhancements to the speakerphone. Device wise, email split view is being added, a nice feature for a large screen device. Some apps are removed, Color and V Cast, yet at the same time the Amazon Appstore is added in. We've known since the Droid DNA though that Verizon is starting to put Amazon software onto their devices.

For the full rundown on the update, hit the source link below. It's a pretty meaty one, weighing in at 204MB, so you'll perhaps want to accept it at home when it finally drops. At present it's still listed as coming soon, but when it arrives for you be sure to jump into the LG Intuition forums and let us know what you find. 

Source: Verizon


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Software update inbound for Verizon's LG Intuition


Been very happy with mine. The most recent upgrade through upgrade assistant turned it into a brick though. Other than that very happy with it. Plan on using it for a long time. Sorry it's not a trendy Iphone.. but then again why would you want something just cause everyone else has one. I've never been very trendy.

That's the same thing I was thinking!
Who bought this?

LG's new lineup has a chance of breathing new life into them, the F5 & F7. . .not sure how those smartphones would sell
if they were on a carrier that also offered the
S3/S4,...that would be interesting to see both
on the same carrier.

I bought one. I loved it...until the upgrade. Wiped out my camera, app store, and all of my contacts. Google + will not open either. It was a great phone. Now it's useless.

I loved this phone until the upgrade on 03/04/13 cleared out all my emails and contacts. My camera is missing and google is having a problem opening. I just lost 400 contacts that I will never get all back. LG and your upgrade SUCKS... You owe me a new phone!!!

Completely agree. I loved my Intuition until...
I went to my local Verizon store to have my LG Intuition phone replaced for the second time today since the update was pushed out the literally turned my 4-month old flawless phone into a brick. The refurbished replacement that was overnighted the me last week started dropping calls, missing texts, and losing apps. This is my ONLY phone - I don't have a home phone and my work phone only works when I'm VPNd into my work network (it's a VoIP soft phone.). My daughter has recently been diagnosed with heart problems, so I can NOT afford to miss calls or not be able to make them. I explained the issue to the Verizon rep after waiting just under an hour. I was told the only solution was to get another refurbished phone sent to me. Verizon would rather lose a more than 20 year loyal customer than do anything about a situation they caused - which they tried to blame on LG BTW, despite being told, and knowing, that updates are not pushed out to phones by the manufacturers. I will be hoping all the others who were screwed as I was will succeed in banding together in a class action lawsuit against Verizon. Shame on Verizon for forgetting those loyal customers who got them where they are today!

So, after having my Intuition for a year the head phone jack started messing up and I was unable to take calls unless I hit the speaker phone and it had a couple of other quirks, but all round I have really enjoyed my phone. All that to say this, I too have gotten a replacement refurb and have had 1 nightmare after the other withe dropped called thing! Did they, Verizon, end up ever doing thing for you? Hope your daughter is doing well. I bought this phone so my autistic son could be entertained while out in public (movies, games, etc).

Thanks for any response

I must've missed this dreaded download - my LG Intuition still works great - I know it's not the trendiest and it doesn't have the stylus holder built in - but it's a good hybrid that works great - so does this dreaded download happen automatically? will it ultimately corrupt my fav phone?

I agree with the other Intuition owners. I liked this phone until the update. I thought the phone was working just fine before it.

Completely gakked my phone. No gmail,gallery,play store will not launch, maps are missing. I love this phone but lg and vzw failed big time on this update.

I agree, loved my phone, now lost everything. On the phone with verizon for over an hour, LG is supposed to be working on a fix, and all info is supposed to still be in the phone somewhere. Giving them till Friday to fix it or I will be demanding a new phone. Sucks because there is nothing else on the market like this one.

Monday was a total disaster for me! Just returned from Hawaii where I met my new great granddaughter for the first time and visited with family and grandchildren that I had not seen in 5 years. Took a couple hundred pictures of the visit and grand reunion on Waikiki beach. Then the worst possible happened...LG UPGRADE...!!!!! All pictures, contacts, some apps and Access to all vanished! Cannot even begin to tell ypu how sad I am...waiting for VZ and LG to make my nightmare vanish and restore my memories and 200+ contacts NOTHING LESS WILL DO!

In addition, cannot use Backup assistance plus on my pc to print or view. my pictures and contacts....somehow these are blocked too with many pop up messages , so my pc is infected with this update! The nightmare continues......

Waiting on my second replacement now. First one started dying within a week even without the upgrade. This is my only phone so I rely heavily on it for everything! Verizon insists the upgrade was LG's fault and they would rather lose me as a customer than proved me with a new phone for their mistake. 20 years of misplaced loyalty. You get to be one of the big guys and forget all the little guys who helped you get there. I sure won't forget this!! So glad I've wasted my money all these years paying for their warranty service.

I love my Intuition however lately I am having issues with my time updating? Ofcourse setting my alarm on my phone is useless right now if the time does not stay correct. Any advise on what I can do?