Droid Maxx and Ultra

What specifically the update contains is still unknown at this point

We had more than a hunch it was coming, and now we have confirmation that those participating in the soak test for Verizon's latest Droids (Mini, Ultra and Maxx) are receiving an update starting tomorrow. Now what exactly you'll get if you're part of the program is unknown — our best guess is probably the same camera update that Moto X users received recently, but you never know with these sorts of black box updates.

Any update is probably welcomed though, and chances are it'll be something you'll actually want. If you didn't get in on the soak test this time around, rest assured that the updates usually push out to everyone quickly after the soak test, provided no extreme bugs are found.

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Soak test updates hitting new Droids starting tomorrow


>verizon is just NOW getting an update out to their Droid line that I've had on the moto x for 2 months

god damn verizon.

The Verizon Moto X only got soak test invites for the camera update 2 weeks ago. Not 2 months.

The other carriers, somewhere in the 1-1.5 month ago range.

Stop being so dramatic.

Its NOT KIT KAT, its the camera update the Moto X received. The Moto X will likely get Kit Kat before the Droid line.

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Motorola should just make the Moto X camera app available for the new Droids. I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet.

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They probably need the update first just like the Moto X. After the update, I bet the Droids will be able to get the Camera App off the Play Store too.

That is why you never take an OTA when rooted. Most of the time you can't anyway, and this is why

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Looks like the update also gives the Droid line 50gb of Drive for 2 years on top of 6 months of all access :)

Yep, sure did. Not that I'd know since the whole thing is confidential and all...

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In order to redeem it, go to Setting > Apps > Drive > Delete Data

Go back to drive to log back in to Drive and you'll be prompted for the extra space.

I opened the drive app, went to menu/product tour, and it told me I had the free space. Simple as that.

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Got prompted this morning. Not updating until I know root can be kept/re-achieved.

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Why did you sign up for the soak test if you knew you weren't gonna install it?

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Unrooted and installed the update (after I restored entitlement check and defrosted sys apps I froze). Everything ended up great. Re rooted using the new after camera update moto x method without a hitch! Rooted and running great!

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Be careful. The last Moto soak test I participated in, on my Photon 4G, permanently locked down the bootloader. No advance information on this aspect of the test was provided, and then after the test and the official update, Moto announced no more upgrades for the phone. Just sayin'