Here's Skyfire's promo video for its new Version 2.0 browser, which should be available for Android any time now. (It's not appearing in the market, and the manual download link's not working yet either.) Update: It's there now. Here's the link.

Anyhoo, check out the video above, and we'll give Skyfire the what-for just as soon as we can. [Skyfire]

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Stang68 says:

Awesome! I hope it hits today! I've been using a leaked version but there's no video support. Hope Hulu works!

y2whisper says:

This looks awesome. haven't been able to use skyfire since my touch pro days and at that point they didn't have full vga support, they've come a long way.

Clegend23 says:

can't wait, video support hell yea

tedmoore says:

Bring it on!

Cheers, TM

bryan.grider says:

When are we gonna see this come out. Want it ASAP.

Simer03 says:

i will definitely be checking this out!

pepe#AC says:

Dam I'm impressed. Looks way better then the skyfire I used to have on my omniscient. Hope it gets released today. Keep us updated a/c

DrewCSchultz says:

Boy they must be scrambling to get this out before Froyo drops with full flash support. I also wonder if that Alpha version of Firefox has something to do with this as well.

jricciardi says:

What a tease! This better show up soon...

I just downloaded the pre-Alpha Fennec yesterday, and albeit buggy, it is promising. Love the TwitterBar feature where you can tweet from the address bar!

I LOVED SkyFire on every WinMo phone I'd ever had, though, and it is unsurpassed IMHO. PLEASE COME SOON! DROID WANT!

naitsuap says:

It is available now.

amayes says:

apk is there!

tberman333 says:

You can get it on the market now.

amayes says:


cpg716 says:

Hulu not working for me..

amayes says:

did you actually think it would. i doubt it will work when we get flash 10 here in may

rufflez says:

it should. Ive gotten it to work breifly with flash lite... took several tries on wifi connection, but it did load.

joshuaaluke says:

can't wait - i used skyfire on my WM device! loved it on WM will undoubtedly love it more on my incredible!

joshyth1012 says:

skyfire rock! hulu might not work, but tons of other flash sites does!!!

very first thing I tried was clicking on NYTimes and scrolling down to the bottom on the left hand side of the page, and it still says you need a flash player to view the content.

strike one

tagon says:

Trying clicking them you may be surprised at what happens.

Hulu does not work which sucks, but I love the fact that I can choose to visit the desktop version of the site rather then the mobile version.

pjwatson104 says:

Works great. Press and hold back to exit at anytime... good stuff.

y2whisper says:

Really like the added video (of course) but also the easy way to switch from android view to desktop view to iphone view, as well as the fact that it integrates my bookmarks

Just tried and the videos play :)

This may be promising...

dr.who says:

Wow. Videos are really smooth on my Hero. I thought I was going to miss the Flash party but it seems not :-)

luke31 says:

I was naively excited that perhaps this would work with hulu... sad to say (although I dont think anyone expected it to), it does not work. The video loads up to 25%, then an error message pops up. Ugh, I dream of the day we could use hulu on our phones.

I just tried because they have those video links on their blog page that never work on mobile. I just tried it and the videos play.

This Skyfire browser is fantastic for the simple reason that it grants you access to content that ordinarily would not be available to me.

Skyfire has scored a triple with me so only issue is that sometimes the videos are loading and will not play but I figure that's to be expected on day one.

Oh and the video quality is excellent. I just watched that BB OS6 video at crackberry. The video quality is great...even tho BB OS6 sucks :)

reddragon72 says:

just remember one major thing with this browser and Opera mini they both are server side render's and therefor any passwords to sites you visit can be seen by the companies that own the servers. Also the transmissions between the client on your phone and the server are not encoded so what ever you type in is completely wide open. That makes this a great browser for playing flash movies and that's about it, and we all know that with direct flash support coming this will make this browser completely useless soon.

millerd79 says:

I am having lots of problems try to play video...Every time a video loads on my samsung moment the phone reboots....anyone else having this issue?

. I cannot get msnbc videos to work but foxnews videos work fantas
tic. just watched one with Brooke burke :-)

kaiser10123 says:

any southpark fans out there try with skyfire and stream any southpark episode it runs great on my incredible over 3g:)

Great news south park full episodes stream great on the nexus one, I'm on tmobile 3g btw with only 1-2 bars

ksbkny says:

Hey guy...I just downloaded I also suppose to download the Adobe flashplayer as well or the flash support should be on Skyfire already?

mcook1670 says:

so far not all that impressed..the video looked really cool, so I downloaded it to my Eris running 2.1, and my default internet is faster and loads video better..even on wifi :(

wezra says:

Had major issues with it on my CLIQ running OS 1.5. It hung up all over the place and would not allow me to get back to my home page. Had to uninstall it. Maybe when the CLIQ gets 2.1 it will work ok. I'll give it a shot then.