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We brought you the news back on Tuesday, but today is the day. "The Leftover" update for the brilliant Shadowgun is now live in the Android Market. 

The expansion pack is a direct update to the original app, and brings with it 4 whole new levels among a bunch of other cool new features. We're not going to bore you with details, because we know you'd rather be playing this. Hit the break for download links, and a trailer for "The Leftover." 



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Shadowgun: The Leftover update live in the Android Market


Erm... no response from Madfinger on Facebook and Twitter.

But their forum has a post from them that states the following: "Nope, this update brings Leftover to regular Shadowgun version. No THD features for regular version. Sorry guys"

This was in response to someone asking if the regular version was being upgraded to THD features. But I take it to also mean the Leftover expansion is NOT coming to the THD version.

If that is true, what a great way to treat customers! Czech mate, I guess.

Installed fine on my NS4G but get "Application Not Installed" when trying on my Kindle Fire. I have the previous version working fine, just wanted the update. What gives? Any ideas?
I checked the market from the browser on the KF and it says my devices are compatible.