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Traditional phone cases are all well and good, but sometimes you just want something that'll protect your device when it's in transit, or in a bag or pocket with other items. For that kind of protection, it's hard to beat a good old-fashioned leather pouch, such as SGP's Crumena pouch for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This is a snug-fitting pouch for the Galaxy S3 (international and U.S. versions) that protects it from scuffs and scrapes, and includes a cut-out area for the microphone so as to not to mask the sound of ringtones and notifications. To remove the phone, simply pull on the magnetic tab, and it'll rise out from the case -- and it's that magnet which helps to secure the device in place. And as the pouch is designed to be loaded with the headphone jack at the top, you can easily listen to music on your S3 while it's loaded inside the case.

The outside of the case is furnished in leather, which gives it a soft, yet sturdy feel. On the inside, there's a soft coating to help protect the screen and glossy back of the device. Overall, it's well-built, and ideal for S3 owners looking for occasional protection while their phone's in a backpack or handbag.

The SGP Crumena Leather Pouch for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently available in brown from, priced $29.99. Black and white versions are coming soon, and are available to pre-order.

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SGP Crumena Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S3 review


I have this for my Galaxy Nexus. Not very durable. I got it in April. 4 months later, the edge is peeling. If you look at the second picture, the edge has a sort of piping. That piping peeled off in some portion of the case. It's nice but not worth $30.

Every case is not perfect. Understandable that after 4 months it started to break down. Depending on how it is handled and cared for. If this is real leather $30 bucks isn't bad. If it was like $80 or more and did that the n i would have a big problem.

What you should sell wit hit is leather wipes to condition it. that would help it last longer And just Brown? This must be marketed towards guys. Ladies do like brown but it doesn't look lady like imo. What i don't like is the opening on top. It should have a lap. If you drop it just right, it looks like the phone can slide out. the pouch i have has the flap on top and is thick enough to house the phone with a silicone,hard or even a Apex style case with no problem.

There is no chance at all of it sliding out. It's a very snug fit and will only come out if you pull the leather release strap.

Sorry to say this but it does.. i was a fan and bought this case for my nexus.. no more than a month it was already getting loose.. i was getting out of my car a couple of weeks ago and my nexus flew in the air out of the case and fill on the ground.. i got a couple of scratches on the back because of this..
and now i carry it naked and i love it :D

Looks similar to the old BlackBerry leather pouches, which I always liked. These days however, I just put my phone in my pocket and go on.

I have the black version of this from Amazon. It's been great. I only wish it didn't cover the LED like my old BlackBerry leather pouch.

Anyways, my full reviews are on Amazon and in the Android Central Galaxy S3 forums.

I have the no-name brand of this and love it. Mind you I've had the same issue with the edges coming apart however I paid like $10 for it while waiting for my pre-order and this is still my #1 case, there is no way it will come out without pulling the string. I have the black and my wife has the red for her S2 and they do the trick. I don't like adding bulk to the phone and this is the thinest way of having good protection without adding bulk.