A ridiculously large number of screen shots from Sense 4. Be sure to read our complete Sense 4 walkthrough.


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Sense 4 screenshot gallery


Good thing newtoroot is releasing his sense 4.0 port for the rezound today. Cant wait, has data, calls, messaging working , so no love lost for the rezounds !

I have never been a fan of sense. I've owned the Mytouch 3g slide, mytouch 4g, HTC Sensation, and the HTC Amaze. I always download ADW. Now with my superior Galaxy S2, I can honestly say, Touchwiz kills sense, IMO......

SIDENOTE-- Wasn't it not too long ago that HTC said they weren't going to release a load of mid-range phones, but rather focus on releasing less phones, but with high end specs?

I'm speaking about this new HTC one V. Why even waste money on making such a low end phone..... I've lost faith in HTC...

Sorry for the rant, I don't post comments often and decided to post everything I've been thinking lol.

The point was not to release a ton of low-end phones... so they're releasing one. So you've lost faith in HTC for doing what they said they were going to do? Interesting... I think there are lots of people out there who will end up with the One S and One V variants of this phone. When I decide to get my teenager his first Android phone, it sure as hell isn't going to be the One X, or even the One V.

As for Sense, I guess that's a personal preference. I can't stand Touchwiz. It's really just an ugly overlay in my mind. I've had HTC phones for several years and my wife has had a few different Sammys so I've seen them both. I like the fact that Sense lets me customize every little thing and does it flawlessly. I always feel like Touchwiz is just a glorified icon pack. And ugly icons at that. But that's just my $.02 and I know opinions are like a-holes: everyone has one and some people shave their's.

White Notification icons? Weak!
Good thing I use StatusBar+ ... might consider this one to hold me til the Nexus 4 comes out.

Talk about biased reporting here!!!!

Sony releases a phone and they get a 1 paragraph write-up.

Samsung releases a new Nexus, and it gets mild reporting.

HTC releases a phone and they get 15 articles, write ups PAGES long, pics, galleries, screenshots, etc, etc, etc.

How about some unbiased reporting for once, guys????

The galaxy nexus was like every article for two months. Way more coverage than any other phone ive seen on android central.

Exactly. One X stories don't come close to the hype the Gnex received.

I was sick to death of Gnex postings. Yet, if anything AC failed in its coverage of Gnex problems. Just go surf the forums. They should have actually had MORE gnex stories to cover those problems.

Negative aspects of the One X are pound to show up, no phone is perfect.

Still, if The guy who has had hands on with virtually every phone on the market drools all over his shirt about this phone, I'm paying attention.

It sounds silly, but I like the fact that the background will pan again when you swipe between screens. I missed that in Sense 3.0 on the EVO 3D. I guess it's the little things, sometimes...

I have to agree with you. I like using full screen wallpapers on it. The same ones I use on my computer. Now I have to crop the main subject or object.