Sonic All-Stars Racing

Sega has just announced that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is now available for free on Google Play. What's more is both new and veteran racers can look to expect more content added to the intense title next week. Wreck-It Ralph and Metal sonic will join the collection of unlockable characters on April 29th.

Not only that, but there'll also be a new World Tour Chapter and Boss Cup Grand Prix to race through. Sega notes that the new pricing model (going free) will improve the title's multiplayer experience by making it available for everyone to download and enjoy. With more racers, modes and tracks planned, it's a sweet offering for those who haven't yet played through races with their favourite characters.

Gamers can even celebrate victories online by recording their races, editing and sharing them on social networks, powered by Everyplay.


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Sega's Sonic & All-Stars Racing now free on Google Play


It was a paid app with IAP. This is an improvement. In the same way it's an improvement to get punched in the arm instead of the kidneys.

Yep can also confirm it doesn't load on my stock Note 2 but it loads in my Nexus 4 with a custom ROM. *shrugs*

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Must have been a glitch. Installing for free just fine now. An hour ago it was trying to charge me.

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I'm confused on what's free. The get it now on google play link takes me to "Sonic Racing Transformed" which is free, but the "Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing" listed in the title of this article is $3.99 on all of my devices. These are two different games with very different reviews.

Seeing the Same thing.... Transformed is free & All-Stars is not.... it is two different games

Read the description in the Play Store. "Sonic Racing Transformed" is actually called "Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed". The Play listing title is simply shortened.

I bought this :(

Sucks that it's free now. Are they going to compensate in some way those of us who did pay?