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After going hands-on with the LG Viper at CES during the stylish-yet-dark Sprint party, we just  had to get our hands back on one of these devices to check it out a second time. 

Android Central @ CES The booth rep here reiterates a good point -- you're not actually looking at a final device here. Don't expect a real change in the hardware, of course, and the software's going to be pretty vanilla with stock Gingerbread and Sprint ID. But that's why the CES hands-ons with the Viper have been superficial at best.

Anyhoo, check it out, and stay tuned for pricing and availability information.


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Hands-on redux with the LG Viper on Sprint


What exactly is the point of this article? You took two paragraphs to say absolutely nothing. At least give us some new information. This article was pointless. Anyway, what's the big deal with this device? Am I missing something?

Sprint LTE that's why they are showing again second phone announced by Sprint for there LTE network should be out in June

A promise of a gingerbread phone six months from now is not very exciting. And what is the processor in this thing? In six months I would expect quad cores to be showing up, so yet again even in Sprint's future plans they are still way behind.