Scramble With Friends

Zynga has made some extremely popular mobile applications such as Words With Friends and a few others, and today Scramble With Friends has landed in the Google Play Store. Scramble with friends has been available on iOS for some time now, and it is equally as addictive as Words With Friends. The concept of the game is simple, connect the tiles you have to create words, the more letter the more points. Tokens are also collected as the game is played, and these can be used to buy help during the game, for example hints or the ability to free time if you wish.

The download is free, the game is addictive, so hit the break and download it today!


Reader comments

Scramble with Friends now available in the Google Play Store


Downloading a few iPhone users that I need to smack down on that game - got tired of them bragging they have the game & Android doesn't :)

I have been waiting for this game! One of the few times I was jealous if iCrap!!!

Let the smack down begin!

It is a cool game, but you are limited in the amount of times you play by the "coin system". They are already placing ads in it, and I have to pay to play?! Preposterous! I like the game, but not with both of those hindrances.

I've been playing this for 4 days now. Somebody had posted the apk from the canadian google play store. Search my username if you want to play against me.

hey hey nothing to ever be jealous about from that horrible icrap...its testing grounds to see how things run then we get the perfected version.