Scheme your way to power in Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent is now available on Android. Previously available only online and on the iPad, Ascent puts you in the role of a noble in Westeros, the setting of George R.R. Martin's books. You can work with or plans schemes against other players as you plot your way to the top.

Players take part in a number of story-based quests in a persistant game world set in the days before the beginning of Martin's story. As a Westerosi noble, you will develop your territory, as well as your reputation, raising your status among other players as well as the Great Houses like Stark and Lannister. To achieve your aims, you will take part in the politics of Westeros, including diplomacy, marriages, and more. You can for in-game alliances with other players to increase your political power.

You can grab Game of Thrones Ascent for free from the Google Play Store right now. Give it a try, then tell us what you think below in the comments.


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Scheme your way to power in Game of Thrones Ascent


This game is fun ish on desktop. On mobile it's a pretty horrible experience.

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Thanks for saving me the trouble Darth.

I hate the freemium model but I love Game of Thrones... I nearly fell for it.

Not to mention that once you reach a certain point it ends with no notice of when they will finish writing the rest of the game... I imagine it will continue with the release of Android R...

Installed after this article, the interface is super laggy and sloppy, much of the text for improvements is cut off for lack of real estate from poor layout; still can't tell what's going on 75% of the time, especially wrt upgrading buildings. That said the story is pretty interesting but it's carrying quite the dead weight with the game itself

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