Amazon's got SanDisk storage cards as its Gold Box deal today, should your phone still support expandable storage. Here's the breakdown:

Thumb drives and SD cards are on sale as well.


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Save on microSD cards from Amazon today


And this is why I WISH Google would put a micro sd slot in the phones and tablets. $50 for 16GB more on the Nexus 7 and $100 on the Nexus 10???? Please, either stop charging these ridiculous prices or give me the option to put these in. Thankfully my GS3 and i'm seriously considering updating my 16GB card with one of these...but if I trade my GS3 for a Nexus 5, my card will be worthless to me.


I'm still using a VZW Galaxy Nexus. I opted for the 32GB because I have a metric poop-ton of music (ripped CDs) and prefer to have local copies than relying on the cloud.

And yet that's still nowhere near enough to prevent me having to cherry pick and regularly rotate stuff on/off the phone -- which is slow, inconsitent (prone to hanging) and generally annoying as hell. In fact I did a full reset and SDcard wipe a while back to cure some persistent problems, and the prospect of the laborious process of loading a couple of dozen gig of stuff back onto the phone is so unappealing that I still haven't done it.

18 months after getting the phone and being told "just use the cloud", the cloud is still maturing and becoming more widely accepted... and yet it's still *nowhere near* being a reliable alternative solution. The ability to switch out a couple of 64GB microSD cards covering my entire music collection would be fan-bloody-tastic... but no. ><

I have a Galaxy Nexus, and this is the only thing I hate about Nexus devices, no expandable storage! I would gladly take any glitches in supposed performance by incorporating an external micro sd card over not having the option for more room. Those who say use the cloud, well even with an expandable storage on board, I can still use the cloud can't I?! I want to have the choice of cloud or on board storage! C'mon man, this is Android not iOS! Samsung has proven external storage works with 4.2.2, there is no reason why Google can't make it possible by default!

I just got a SanDisk Extreme 64 GB MicroSDXC for my S4. It is really annoying that Samsung advertises a 16 GB product but only has 9 GB truly available. I ran out of space fast. I like to take a lot of pictures and video.

I would take advantage of this deal if anyone has an SD card slot.

Root and mod your phone if you've lost that much space; you'll reclaim plenty and have far more customization options available. :)

Caution with Sandisk though...while most people have no issues there seems to be a disproportionate amount of people having issues specifically with Sandisk 64GB MicroSD cards...I think it's too much of a gamble for me. I'd rather wait for a Samsung 64GB.

Looks like BB has already lowered their prices to match Amazon's. Plus BB is offering free shipping or store pickup.

I just picked one up at BB over lunch and had the Amazon ad ready to show them for a price adjustment. When it rang up at $19.99 I was thrilled!

As much as I would love to get a new memory card I don't trust Amazon one bit. My last purchase from them was actually a Sony Memory stick Pro duo that turned out to be counterfeit.

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I'm guessing this was via a third party seller?

If not, I have no doubt they'd refund/replace with almost no questions asked. The very few times I've ever had problems with Amazon purchases (we're talking maybe twice in hundreds of purchases over 10+ years) they've been almost embarrassingly good about returns.

If it was a third party seller, contact them. If they refuse to respond or refund, report them to Amazon. You may even find Amazon has a policy in place to protect you in situations like that.

Honestly, of all the places you can buy electronics online or in person, Amazon is one of the last places I'd ever worry about.

You need to be careful because Amazon fulfills orders for other companies who MAY be stocking bad product. Make sure it is from Amazon and not fulfilled by amazon. Many fulfilled orders will still qualify for Amazon prime as well so you can't tell by looking at that. Those companies just ship the product to Amazon to hold and sell. I wish Amazon was more upfront with this and they run the risk of being less trusted and becoming more like ebay.

For a moment there I thought that was a USB 3.0 64GB USB stick for $32... but alas, USB 2.0. :( Not that it's a surprise, well past time people started clearing USB 2.0 inventory.

( I'm still not sure who the heck would ever subject themselves to the purgatory that is trying to fill anything more than an 8-16GB USB stick over USB 2.0 anyway?! )

Still, in for another 64GB microSD card. For my MS Surface Pro (sorry Google :P ).

Hmm... So those prices are about 2-3 dollars cheaper then they have been for the last 3 weeks.

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Just 2.5 years ago I remember seeing 32GB microSD cards on eBay for $150. I think it's insane that you can get a 64GB card for $42 now.

I've been running 64 gig for a while now in my 32 gig S3... Waiting for 128 gig! (I like to keep files local!) This is why I laugh at those 16 gig non upgradable memory/battery phones..

Eh, I used to have an 8 GB Nexus 4 and it was enough for me. I only stream my music and have never had the desire to watch movies on my phones. Tablets are a different story though. I use them to store media so I need an SD card for them.

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Is AndroidCentral owned by amazon? Does amazon pay you to advertise for them? I see so many "amazon has this" stories on here that I'm thinking Jeff Bezos is giving you guys some extra cash.

I am really curious.

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Android Central makes referral $ off amazon links and since Amazon usually has the widest selection, they link to it. Ranges from 4% and up based on sales volume. Helps pay for the site, like many blogs do

$20 is a good deal but I'm betting we'll see them for $15 by the end of the year. Unfortunately the HTC One doesn't have a micro SD slot or I would be all over this. I use these to hold 10-15 PSP games at a time with my Memory Stick Pro adapter. Two 32GB cards in one Memory Stick slot = heaven

Worst card you could ever buy is the 64 GB. Works great then you loose it all.went thru 3 of them. Never again. Buyer beware

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