Samsung Acclaim Froyo update

Been waiting on Froyo for the Samsung Acclaim on US Cellular? Well, wait no more, as the update's now ready for download. It's a 102-megabyte update. And while we're usually fans of doing things over-the-air, Samsung's done so well with the update software (it's nicely done with handy built-in instructions) we're more than willing to plug in our phones for a few minutes.

And just to stir the pot a bit with you tinfoil hat types, let's reiterate what we have here: Samsung releases a Froyo update on a U.S. carrier. Just sayin'. Get your download on at the source link. [Samsung] Thanks, Backslasher!


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Samsung Acclaim gets Froyo


My fiancee will be happy about this. Finally I'll get to play with 2.2 a little bit. Now hopefully someone can get that 2.3 ASOP Rom out for my Mesmerize before March.

At least I am downloading the Samsung Fascinate update OTA. Hopefully it will fix the awful GPS problem.

Well I hope that Samsung will release the official froyo with their so called "peek" (multitouch feature) for my Galaxy 5 on asian region soon!! They had made the Galaxy 5 users from Asia crazy abt it since they promised us starts from november and delayed maybe until february or march :/