'A long time coming...'

A rather clever piece of advertising, Samsung's first dedicated TV spot for its Galaxy Gear wearable looks back on a half-century of smartwatches in fiction, from appearances in The Jetsons to Star Trek to Predator to Knight Rider, to name but a few. While the Galaxy Gear is a very imperfect first attempt at an Android-powered smartwatch, the company is bound to pique consumers' interest with simple yet effective commercials like this. Check it out up above (there's another version after the break), then take a look at our initial review, linked below.

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Samsung taps into smartwatches' sci-fi history in first Galaxy Gear ad


So do I... but not a proprietary, lackluster, wanna-be smart watch like the Samsung. Omate has my wallet itching...

Be careful, primetimeMatt and bangkokhound will scold you, for saying "This."

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I saw one today that just showed the watches from shows and movies with the year and then the Gear. I liked it, don't like it for $300 and limited functionality though. It has huge potential that I'm looking forward to.

I kinda see how you came to this conclusion but "hello" has nothing to do with iPhone... I actually don't get this ad.
Samsung ad specifically points out that they implemented a gadget that used to be a fantasy.

I'm one of those people and have no plans to buy ANY smartwatch.
Just saying that Samsung didn't really copy anyone with this ad. I mean, I remember seeing similar car ads (showing evolution) and probably other products

This is slightly different. Samsung is showing examples of sci fi in TVs and movies showing the smart watch and showing this finally being some realization of it.

It's not worth more than what you would pay for your phone. $300 way to high for that.

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How about you just edit your comment to I don't know how subsidies work or how much did I really pay for my phone over a 2 year contact? LOL. I agree it's way too expensive though.

Why is everyone getting so excited about these watches? One day battery on the gear is a joke, if don't really see any benefit to them. They're going to have to be much better to get me to wear one in place of my automatic.... Although if they did one which you could skin with different classic watch faces, that would be kind of cool...

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While I agree with you that the Gear leave quite a bit to be desired, most of the reviewers are saying they've gotten a little over two days on a charge, which seems at least *reasonable*. Probably about all you can expect out of something with an LCD/OLED display.

And, there is supposed to be quite a few watch faces to choose from.

The real "miss" here (IMO) is the price, and the lack of tie-in with notifications.

Why is everyone getting so excited about these watches? One day battery on the gear is a joke, if don't really see any benefit to them. They're going to have to be much better to get me to wear one in place of my automatic.... Although if they did one which you could skin with different classic watch faces, that would be kind of cool...

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T Mobile has it for $209.99 which is a better price but I'll wait for the 2nd generation to come out. I'm sure it'll be much better then!

For 209 I could've gotten a 8gb nexus 4. Smart watches need more functionality

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To tell everyone that these things don't interest me in the least.

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How about a smart watch only running Google now and phone text email that can last a week and drop the shitty can then charge $200

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People have many complaints when it comes to SmartWatches, that said one has to realize all things need to grow to maturity,in that although SmartWatches have been around for some time, they were for the most part have been ignored by the mainstream because of the inability to see productive and real uses for them, and I am happy to see a Star Trek type commercial in giving better perspective on what the future might hold with the tech of this type!, most people are not techy type people, they just want to use the tech without any knowledge of it's inner workings?, sorta like when people buy a Sports car like a Ferrari or Porsche without having the ability to drive it to it's full potential as it was designed to do!, it is also the reason why Apple has done so well with the iPhone, iPad and MacBook in getting the non techy type in able to use technology without knowledge of it's technology. People who are here on Android Central are of a different type compared to the mainstream of users as they often make the effort to educate themselves with the technology they are using. Yes Folks give yourself a pat on the back for that!!, as most would not do the same. I have friends who spend some big $$$ Money on their Apple gear and remain ignorant to them!, I am not insulting but only pointing out my obvious observations of this as most probably have had similar experiences as well!, if we are to advance as a society in to the future as in the Star Trek society of fiction, then we are going to ultimately be as smart and knowledgeable as Kirk and Spock of Star Trek!!! and not like Homer Simpson in working at the Nuclear power plant!, You guys get what I'm saying????

Please Apple Fanboys don't get you're panties in a bunch!, it is just my opinion of what the typical Apple people show me!, if you don't want these types of observation shown then don't provide views of this?...Easy?..Right?

I for one actually purchased a Galaxy Gear yesterday and despite what many "think they know" the device is quite amazing.

People actually recognize it and are so intrigued by it that I have not found one person who doesn't want one for themselves.

When at home I place my phone down and have no need to pick it up because the Gear notifies me of text, email, and incoming calls. When sitting with my family at dinner I no longer need my phone right beside me since my Gear is connected.

Is it the answer to everything? No. But what it does it does well, and I'm glad to have one.

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Sounds about right.. People just like to complain. I'm interested in one if it works well with Nexus devices

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So checking your smartphone is not ok at dinner but if it's a smartphone that's strapped to your wrist then it's OK.

Samsung is genius.

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LOL seriously. I'd ask you take the f*cking watch off at my dinner table. Unless you're a professional "on call" etc it can wait.

Oh and I have no interest in the Galaxy Gear, but the commercial was very well done. One of the better commercials I've ever seen really.

Great commercial (appreciate the B5 love), but I don't see myself buying one, maybe for $100. I have bought several watches in the $300 range, but the difference is they don't become obsolete in months.

Why would it be obsolete? As long as the software is updated the watch will only get better with time.

The display is clear and beautiful. The style is professional and elegant (provided you get the jet black or mocha grey), and even in it's current state it's quite nice.

I see no reason it would be obsolete?

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Really? I bought my first "nice" watch 8 years ago, a Citizen eco-drive with titanium band. It's still my daily driver, and keeps perfect time. How old is your smartphone? I have a Galaxy S Captivate, I got exactly one OS update for it, and there's more and more apps that require a higher OS, or more horsepower to run well. Will I be able to use this watch with my Captivate S? Thought so. Why would Samsung continue to make my 3 year old purchase relevant when the obvious solution is to get the latest and greatest? Nothing against Samsung per se, it's just the way tech is.

I laugh when tech cos. claim their products are "future proof", ha maybe if/when we run up against Moore's Law.

Well said. I can see the appeal of wearables for athletes, outdoorsmen, etc. with some functionality that is not quite available. Classy persons would never wear a smartwatch in place of a nice watch. It's in the manual.

People misuse and overuse the word "obsolete," but it might not be far off the mark here. There are risks involved with being an early adopter of any new class of technology, and when Samsung fine tunes the product and releases the next version of this thing in a year (or less), the first model will probably end up seeing a lot less love than subsequent models will after equivalent periods of time.

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People make tech obsolete. Not tech.. Apple gets away releasing old tech once a year and most are still using 2 or 3 year old iPhones. And nobody is complaining.. But with Android, everyone wants better and better.. Nobody is happy.. I'm fine with a Nexus 4 for years to come. As long as it works it's not obsolete.

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I'll wait for Googles new watch to launch at the end of the month so I can decide not to buy that one too.

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So you'd want two phone numbers to text/call from? What do you want to do on that tiny screen? Its a companion device..

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Call me when they invent the transporter!

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Any good watch costs $300+ anyway. If this it top quality then it has a chance.. It should charge wirelessly so you just take it off at night and place on the charging matt along side your wirelessly charging phone.

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Not true. My Adidas watch only cost me $15, and I've gotten many a compliment about it.

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A good traditional watch lasts more or less indefinitely, with minimal upkeep. What do you think are the odds that you'll see anyone wearing one of these more than two years down the line?

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I'm certain we'll see the day that the smart watch will become popular but this isn't the one that will make it! At least not in this incarnation.

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I wish that battery was available, when I had my S3. I put that phone through its paces.

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Successful ad. Makes me want one, and has all you folks talking about it ...

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I'm not at all interested in the product, but I love the ad so much that I've already forwarded it to a bunch of friends. Excellent job by the ad agency, at the very least.

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This commercial is a fraud. On Babylon 5 they didn't use watches. This used hand tech not wrist tech.

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Great, thanks for reminding me of that commercial. Now I'm not going to get anything done for the rest of the morning.

Ha ha. Nice advert. I'd say this successfully establishes a lot of 'prior art' which will help in the inevitable law suites when Apple finally gets around to 'inventing' the Smart Watch ;)

Yeah. I'd feel differently, if it were "companion-able" with other smartphones, besides just newer galaxy devices.

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I'm just not getting a "wow" feeling from this watch.
Yeah, it's an extension of your phone. But I'm just not busy to the point where I can't just, well, use my phone.

The device is nice. There's no doubt about that. But at the price vs. what it does I just can't justify a purchase.

Perhaps if it included functionality such as the Fitbit or Jawbone along with a couple days of battery life. Maybe integrate it with maps so if your on a walk / run / ride it will notify you of turns (about the only time my phone would not be in front of me and I wouldn't want to fish it out, though they do make bike mounts for phones now to negate this feature).

I don't see the point to having a smart watch. Why not just tape the phone to your wrist?

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Nice video. Shame about the Song :-)

It makes me wonder if Sammy will ever run out of form factors to fling at the market wall.

Awesome A C

Most, if not all of these sceenes are showing people or characters TALKING with others, nothing else. If anything, bluetooth was made way before smartwatch for talking. Why would you prefer to talk to the hand when bluetooth is hands-free and phone can be in your pocket:-). Yes, I know that smartwatch can do more than bluetooth but for talking bluetooth is more convenient.