Samsung Indulge

The Samsung Indulge is the first LTE Android phone, running on metroPCS' dual CDMA/LTE network.  It also checks in at a very affordable $399 price point -- and that's on a no-contract metroPCS plan.  With that in mind, we're going to have a good long look at this one, because it's attractive in a way some other new phones aren't.

It's no powerhouse, but it's also no slouch.  Here's the short list of specs:

  • Android 2.2.1
  • 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU
  • 3.5 inch TFT display, at 320 x 480
  • 3.2 MP camera that captures 480p video
  • RAM: 384 MB (unverified).  At boot, there is 295 MB available for the user.  Since a portion of RAM is set aside for other services, my calculations place it at 384 total.
  • Horizontal sliding 4 row QWERTY

The software is pure Samsung.  It's Touchwiz, and basically the same Touchwiz we're all used to.  We'll be sure to look for the minor differences while we use the Indulge and wrap all that up at the end.  For now though, the first thing I did was fire up the camera so you could see my first impressions of this one, check it out after the break.


YouTube link for mobile viewing


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Samsung Indulge hands-on


I think thats how many Ram my EVO has... I 'm losing the patient with the slowness, i even like how snappy the optimus v has with only 600mhz cpu.
Maybe is the flash, cause optms V lacks on flash even though is on froyo(CPU cant handle). Still love the size of the screen and shape.

I actually kind of like the look of that. It looks like a condensed Epic, though the specs aren't as high. On the flipside, it's a lot cheaper than the Epic.

heay you should send it to me jerry i live in detroit i can test lte for you so it could be in the review

I know this was just a quick look, but does flashplayer come installed? If not it obvoiusly should be available and I was hoping to see how it works when you guys put up a review. At this point I like the phone but the keyboard doesn't look as good as its older brother the Transform.

As soon as I first opened the market, it downloaded updates to twitter, facebook, maps, and Flash 10.1.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet, but it worked just fine on some inline video here at

AWESOME, this is the phone that the Samsung Transform should have been. I got a Transform for my wife when it launched. She had it for 2 months and was so pissed off that the S3C6410 800mhz No GPU was so slow that it would choke just running a few apps in the background, and that it couldn't even run Angry Birds due to the lack of OpenGL drivers in the Android 2.1 OS build on it. She couldn't take it so much that I finally convinced her to go with an Evo and she couldn't be happier. She was insistent that the screen size would be too big for her to carry around all day. Now she cant part with the thing and I'm sure she'll never go smaller than 4.3"

We've seen a while back what the MSM7227 600mhz proc with a dedicated Adreno 200 could do in the Mytouch 3G Slide with a 3.5" HVGA screen. Just think what a 1GHZ Hummingbird will do with HVGA resolution. This thing will SCREAM. Awesome, I'm glad for MetroPCS and I'm glad that Samsung has manned up and made a mid level phone that will kick ass, and it has the great keyboard of the Transform. Honestly that keyboard on the Transform was one of the best physical keyboards I've used on an Android phone. Kudos Samsung for making a splash in the mid-level segment. Now its time to bring a phone like this to the 4 major carriers.

Nice looking phone. Like the keyboard. I didn't see a forum for this phone in particular so I'll ask here. How easy would it be to port to Verizon? Would it work as expected or would there be some level of SOL?

"my calculations place it at 384 total."

You mean your most obvious assumption? No calculations needed when you know off the bat its either 256, 384, 512, 768 and so on. Process of elimination is all thats needed, not a pretend mathematician.

No I meant calculation. As in knowing that the 186 MB reported isn't right, then using standard tools to find the RAM in use, then determining how much is pooled for the GPU, camera and RIL and adding them up.

Remember, several phones have shipped with 288MB of RAM, so the process of elimination won't just work.

Got it a week ago, love this device. One downside, battery life. Using two batteries, will not last thru the day with moderate usage. Each battery lasts only 5-6 hours.

i wanna buy this phone but i need some questions answered first like what the heck is metroPCS meaning by the 1GB of additional data? and do you think that the phone is worth the $400? should i buy this or should i just go with the optimus m? is the keyboard even worth it sense it's so flat and has that row at the bottom with a space bar in the middle of the letter keys? do you think this phone will ever be updated sense samsung is known for just putting out a new device with the latest software instead of updating their old ones so they can get people to buy their new stuff? i have alot more questions but i'll leave it at that for now

please help me out my phone broke a while ago and i really need a good phone asap if you could answer any of these questions that would be great thanx ;)