Galaxy S 2 for AT&T

For those of you feeling a bit disappointed after seeing the keyboard on this morning's Galaxy S 2 device for AT&T, cheer up -- it looks like a more svelte version sans sliding keyboard is coming as well.  We had to hide a few details, but this prototype currently in testing is AT&T and Samsung Galaxy S 2 branded, running Android 2.3.4, has a WVGA display, and is "really sexy" according to our tipster.  Sounds like the Galaxy S 2 we all know and love.  It looks like there will be two awesome choices for AT&T customers soon, and that's the way we like it.

Thanks, anon!


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Samsung Galaxy S 2 may be coming to AT&T in a non qwerty version as well


Hmm not the most revealing picture. Good news for AT&T customers. I'm still waiting to hear about a Sprint variant or I might just buy a Nexus S 4G.

I agree! someone need to tell this to Sprint..kb sgs2 would be a perfect replacement for my epic 4g!!..and at&t gets two version(per article)??..this is some bull$h*t!!

I'll take both versions please...non qwerty for normal use, qwerty for when out of town so I dont have to take a laptop for longer emails and such.

having money is not disgusting, the way people waste is what's disgusting. but this is the way we where taught, and is a prime factor to the clusterf*&% out country is in right now.

second best phone nobody is beating the bionic this year. The atrix with the gingerbread just detrone the galaxy s 2 :)

WVGA = 480x800 resolution. Just like the international Galaxy S 2. Our tipster did not confirm SAMOLED+, but didn't say it lacked it either.

tell me about it I was like what? now what you going to tell me next is not ARM 9 cortex dual core processor but Snapdragon or what? o well
hope you guys get the SAmoled+ now I am waiting for the Hercules for Tmo coming on September can't wait :D

The Hercules is supposedly a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor from what I read.......very disappointing.

Well I'm happy. I'm waiting for the Sprint version but it would be pretty damn awesome if every U.S. carrier got the Galaxy S2 in it's original form as well as one with a keyboard. Why stop there. Make a keyboard version for the rest of the world too. Choice is awesome. Then they could make a tablet version of the Galaxy S2!!! Oh wait..

Either way I'm super excited! :)

2 phones is good, as long as they sell. Always nice to have options. I prefer a keyboard, but the girly hipsters gotta have it slim.... Now real men & hipsters can go skipping along, hand in hand, singing Kumbayah! What a wonderful world...

Except that if you're on AT&T, you deserve to be kicked in the crotch repeatedly for giving money to the evil empire! :D

I used to love keyboard but once i got used to the droid x i cant have a keyboard on the phone :) It is faster to type keyboardless

No way is it faster to type on a virtual keyboard unless you were just really bad at physical keyboards. Physical keyboards don't guess incorrectly at what you were trying to type, either.

It's entirely possible that AT&T is receiving both keyboard and keyboard-less gs2 versions because it doesn't want to lose customers to VZW's LTE gs2.

I don't get why a full keyboard is a bad thing. If you don't want to use it, keep it closed and use the virtual ones. Either one that comes out, I'm excited.

Exactly, I love keyboard phones myself. Sadly, most of the people here want "anorexic" phones they can barely snap in half and ridicule anyone who likes keyboards as "old-fashioned". Very immature.

people need choice i used to love keyboard but i dont anymore but there are people that still love it. so make the 2 versions

why do sleek phones have to be anorexic? i'm not wearing a fanny pack around everywhere i go, everything i carry with me needs to fit into my pockets, and thinner phones just plain fit better.

because if your never going to use a physical keyboard, then they would be caring around a phone that is thicker than it needs to be.

thats why they need to offer both, and not just one or the other

I thought I heard the possibility of all SAM GS2 devices being similar across all carriers for ease of manufacturing, and releasing updates. obviously radios would be the exception, my point being what ever one GS2 device had for one carrier, the other would carrier would all so have. This IMO would make it easier for Sammy to release updates.
If this was the case if you are disappointed with the AT&T version then you would probably be disappointed with the Sprint, Verizon, T-Mo and so on version.

Just a thought, not based on any concrete facts.

Is this really what your basing the existence of an entire new phone on, AC? There are two possibilities:

1. This is not the AT&T version.

or (which I think it is)

2. This is the same keyboard device with the keyboard closed. *shocked*

I actually want the keyboard version to come to more carriers! : (

Its good that ATT is giving us a choice at least. : )

OG Touchwiz has the dots that indicate which screen you're on at the top, not right above the bottom dock area.

Lol well of course, but far curvier than the imported s2 or Infuse mugshot. If this is indeed keyboard free it's been slapped with ergonomics.

Playing with my emotions...I waited for Motorola Atrix until all the normal Motorola red tape with locked bootloader (there went that dream). I then moved to waiting for the HTC Holiday (when ever that will surface) and the GS2 news started to come in. I was thrilled to see this beast and the fact that it should be coming out soon, but again I was let down by the fact that it has a slider (not a fan of keyboards). So you can imagine my reaction this morning when I read this posting....something to look forward. If this is the AT&T variant of the GS2, then hopefully it will be my next purchase as long as the specs stay true to the model! Here is to hoping

It's about time AT&T gets a decent Android phone with a physical qwerty keyboard! I for one would be disappointed if only the touch version was available. I have used the Captivate for a year now and I am still not sold on the touch keyboard. I can't wait for the release of this phone!

AMAZING! All this BS talk and speculation, fuzzy idiotic "insider" pictures, and NOBODY truly has a clue!
I was getting more impatient by the minute about the GS2 not coming to the USA. However, by now I am simply extremely curious to see what ultimately will show up at our carriers. I am actually excited because no matter what, I know that in a month or two I will be able to get a really nice much improved phone. So keep me smiling with your half-true information feeds and "mock-drafts".