Samsung Galaxy S 2 wireless bands

For those of you too impatient to wait for an official release of the Samsung Galaxy S II in Canada or the United States, get excited. Why? Well, the stock international Galaxy S 2 will come compatible with both  the Canadian (Rogers, Bell, and Telus) and U.S. (only AT&T, sorry T-Mobile users!) 3G bands right out of the box. In addition, it can use HSPA+ for up to 21 Mbps if your carrier has it deployed. Plus, you won't have to worry about any meddling from the carriers. [Samsung]

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serpico says:


alec5216 says:

Awesome! Can't wait to get one!

youareme7 says:

Well now I'll have to give this some serious thought instead of the Atrix. Have to see if Sammy's hardware is better than the previous gen with all the gps problems and the like. Plus price is a factor. When I drilled through to the Sammy site, I got a little confused with the memory. Is there going to be 16gb/32gb "internal" PLUS microSDHC or is it that size of microSDHC that might be included?

E_man says:

It's size + microsd. So a 32 GB can have 32 internal and you can get a 32 external

bxrider117 says:

Okay. So this makes 2-3 premium Android phones that are going to released by AT&T this quarter. Is this punishment for Verizon putting out the iPhone. This how you know large organizations are in business together. Verizon starts the Android movement and gets a 2 year run. AT&T gets 3 years with the iPhone and now the two organizations are trading hats. I hope Verizon plans on releasing some premium Android phones besides the Bionic and the Thunderbolt.

bruceko says:

Iphone has been on ATT for almost like 4.5 years. Andriod on Verizon only has been on for like 1.5 years.

Omagus says:

Verizon started the Android movement? That's news to T-Mobile and the G1.

moises1204 says:

sad, i was hopping it came to tmobile or sprint.

didimac says:

It probably will. Galaxy S goes to all carriers under a different name. Whatch out for Epic II

skifri says:

No HDMI out? Hmm - I wonder if that is so they could get that "worlds thinnest smartphone" championship belt...

uberspeed says:

I thought that as well, too bad it's a feature I want. Now if they would only do higher ppi displays and I could ignore what they've done with their current gen Galaxy S in the States it might have been a contender for me.

frozencloud says:

Is the HDMI out really that big of a deal? Does alot of normal consumer uses it? My brother have an Evo, but I never see him uses it. Or is it that whole "even though I don't use it, I still want it" sort of deal?

skifri says:

If i have a phone that can record and play back video in 1080p, I sure as heck would like to easily show those home movies to friends & family on whichever HDTV I happen to be in the room with - whether it's at my own home or not. For that matter - the HDMI out makes showing pictures on a large screen that much easier as well.

tekhinator says:

never getting a samsung phone again. NEVER

planoman says:


bjs188 says:

but if this is unlocked version (ie no at&t bloatware/meddling) then maybe, just MAYBE, it will get updates semi-reasonably since there shouldn't be carrier hold ups.
*says a clearly delusional Epic owner--I guess I didn't learn my lession yet*

Impulses says:

No search button on this version, kinda weak...

z0phi3l says:

I don't recall the original international GS having one either, it was only for the US specific versions they made

youareme7 says:

Oh, as I suspected this also means that the new 10.1" galaxy tab will work with AT&T too. I looked at the presser and saw quad band hspa with 850 included so we're good there too. Here's hoping it comes soon!!

MarkPharaoh says:

Now THAT has me excited. Main concern would be cost to get it here in the states.

adjangs says:

From the source link: Interesting to see Samsung put an asterisk by the processor to say it may not be applicable in all regions... maybe they are already anticipating shortages? It's not clear to me if the asterisk on the SAMOLED screen also applies or not.

rapproduca says:

excuse my language but what the F***!!!!!!!???? T-Mobile just lost a customer because us T-Mobile customers have been on our knees begging for an android with better screen estate. Then again theyvenever been into customer feedback

MarkPharaoh says:

lol, this doesn't mean that they're not coming out with carrier-specific devices, simply that the international version will have a band that works with AT&T, so relax, lol.

Xepol says:

We could always hope that means it won't be vendor locked, but I kinda doubt it.

Expect to be screwed regardless of what Samsung thinks. If you live in Canada, this is probably gonna go double.

tejasoffroad says:

Looks good but thats all samsuck cares about. They just want your money and thats it. A Kies app, really! They cant even get Kies to work in the U.S.

I'm curious to jump over to LTE, so I may wait to see if there will be that modification for a Verizon variant. Can't wait.

Screw you Samsung....
You know they are not going to support this phone...they will just do like they did their last ones....If you want a update buy a new phone....Whatever....I will choose ANYONE but Samsung

hanq2000 says:

No verizon? Please !!

vzwpro says:

No Samsung purchase until they support their original Galaxy line which obviously they have no intentions on doing!!! So much for looking out for the customer huh Samsung???!!!

Conan Kudo says:

Actually, Samsung sent the update to the carriers back in November, around the same time the international model received the update as well. T-Mobile and Samsung admitted that back when the Vibrant got the update last month. The carriers are the sole reason you've not gotten your update.

Exactly its up to the carrier to decide if the update is suitable! hence the update does come from maker of the device! this phone is too awesome to just be exclusive to at&t...although all the major carriers already have the first generation of galaxy S after at&t gets it...its only a matter of time before everyone else gets it too!

uncleuncle says:

WARNING this phones will not come with 3g bands at launch!!!!! Kyle Gibb, where did u get this info.
2G: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz (Quadband)
3G: 900/2100 (Dual-band)

ricking says:

i'm sure samsung is pissed at tmobile for holding back the updates that tmobile could market the my touch 4g.. t mobile sucks

alfiej06 says:

Can someone direct me on how I could order the Galaxy II from Canada? I can't wait for it to be released here... I'm in Toronto and will be using either rogers or bell. - please email me or respond to this msg.