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Here's another Samsung render which has sparked off some online speculation, and this time it's come directly from the manufacturer itself. The Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page currently displays the image you see above to promote its "Spin & Win" promotion, which offers fans and their friends the chance to bag a shiny new Galaxy Note. The interesting thing is that the Note in the picture displays an odd combination of Gingerbread and ICS elements. You've got the ICS launcher and icon set, but with Gingerbread-style labels, the old Android 2.x search widget and the TouchWiz notification bar.

We're not sure exactly what, if anything, we should make of this. It's certainly too early to jump to the conclusion, as some have done, that Samsung's ditching TouchWiz in its ICS update for the Note. After all, the current crop of Android 4.0 leaks for the international Note have been TouchWiz'd, just like the recent Galaxy S II update. So we don't know what deal is with this particular mock-up, but we're willing to bet that when ICS eventually hits the Galaxy Note, it'll look more like TouchWiz than what you see above.

Any more ideas or speculation? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook


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Samsung Facebook page shows Galaxy Note ICS mock-up


sammy just loves to troll us and we're all going along for the ride. sigh... the sg3 has more mock ups than the iphone '5' '4s'... lol. one thing's for sure, sammy. is getting it's name out there and the hype is present.

Nothing new. MARKETING is always different from the actual product. I remember working at a company a long time ago, developing Linux/KDE-based network computers.

Yet the marketing pictures showed a Windows desktop.. Yes that's right.. What can we gather from that? That the computers ran windows? That's as correct as assuming anything about ICS on the Note from a marketing picture...

That's cleary not ics, here's your two clues. 1. The google search bar ( that's the bar from gingerbread) 2. The notification bar is gingerbread (dead give away would be the green not blue battery)