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Samsung has launched three new "Duos"-branded smartphones in India, offering dual connectivity to Indian consumers. The Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos will look familiar to anyone who's glanced across Samsung's European line-up, but the Duos variants come with dual-SIM support. Similarly, the Galaxy Ace has been available for around a year, but the Ace Duos includes both GSM and CDMA connectivity.

Dual SIM devices are popular in developing countries, where many phone users operate multiple pre-paid SIMs on different networks, allowing them to take advantage of both networks' coverage areas. However, traditionally users would have to make do with a basic featurephone if they wanted two SIMs in the same device.

The Galaxy Y Duos, Galaxy Y Duos Pro and Galaxy Ace Duos are due to go on sale in India in the coming days. All three devices run Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Samsung's TouchWiz 4 UI.

Source: The Times of India


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Samsung brings dual-SIM smartphones to India


Actually yes, because for the most part, nationwide coverage isn't available there or in many developing countries unlike the U.S. So if you go to another part of the country, you'd likely need to get another provider and SIM card to obtain service there, or at least to avoid high roaming charges.

We've been spoiled here by nationwide coverage by the big 4 carriers.

Well, I won't say it's a big deal. But many people do use it. One big factor could be to use 2 different cellular providers. The call rates are damn cheap here. I can't even imagine it could be any cheaper than what I am paying now. Data services are pathetic, but for voice, you can't get anything cheaper.

Either way it's trend in Asia, other nations people import phones from there just to have this dual SIM function, so they can have 2 seperate phone numbers home use and job use