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Thats right, folks, Rovio is still pumping out updates to the Angry Birds franchise, as its latest video shows us. This time around in Seasons, we're celebrating Chinese New Year by smashing those little green pigs. The update is due to hit on Jan. 20, so if you're an Angry Birds fanatic thats just a few more days to wait.

If you've still not tried out Angry Birds Seasons and want to see what all the fuss is about, you'll find a handy download link after the break.

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Rovio previews forthcoming update to Angry Birds Seasons


Rovio's a one-trick pony. Wake me up when they actually release a game that's not Angry Birds. Oh wait, I'd be dead before that happens.

Pass. Will wait for a paid version that doesnt require a data connection to play. Tried pkayin on a plane recently only to find it was not possible.

lol they are only going to release angry birds,there is other games copying them even .

However its kinda played out I mean its really the same ole thing they need a new plot line

Uhhh, will the birds have the stereotypical slanty-eyes? And if so, didn't anyone at Rovio say, "Hey, do you think somebody might think this is kinda racist, just a bit?"

I'll probably still play it.