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You can't actually download it just yet, but the St. Patrick's Day update to Angry Birds Seasons is being teased in video form. More levels, more pigs, and a whole lotta green. Check it out.

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jaykimdotnet says:

Finally folks'll stop asking "What's with the girly Angry Birds icon?"

dklimah says:

Cant wait!

05 TypeS DC5 says:

idk about everyone, but I rarely play angry birds. I got tired of it real quick. It's still a great game, but now I only play it when I'm really bored. I still haven't even beaten all the seasons yet.. lol

Pl4ub says:

Same here but I don't even play it when I'm really bored.

kinster02 says:

I got so sick and tired of it that I deleted it.

briankurtz79 says:


yeah and i forgot to use a backup so i just did the unlock all angry birds levels and unlock all angry birds seasons levels through root >:)

I play this at work during breaks. Good time waster!!!

hmmm says:

I play the game on my train ride to/from work and on my lunch hour so it doesn't really get boring to me. I can see how if you play the game like it's a Nintendo DS or PSP it would get boring. Personally I think phone games are meant to be played in short 5-10 minutes sessions but I know there are people who play them like they are a teenager playing an Xbox during winter break.