Reborn ROM

Once again our resident LG Optimus S expert has cooked up some goodness for the little powerhouse from LG and Sprint.  Using parts of his previous work, and a mind-melding technique with a few other Optimus hackers that took weeks and many six packs to perfect, Nick7 brings you the Reborn ROM.

Built off the original VD sources, Reborn ROM brings great performance and a nice, new visual style that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.  Think a little bit Hero, a little bit MyTouch 3G, and a whole lot of overclocked kernel and you have the right idea.

Ladies and gents, this is why hackers love Android.  We're just glad that they take the time to share with us all.  For more information, visit the Reborn ROM thread in the Android Central forums.

Thanks go out to Nick7 for his hard work!


Reader comments

ROM Announcement: Reborn ROM for the LG Optimus S


These are honestly the nicest android phones on a budget. Gotta love rom support! The only reason I keep my phones so long. Lol.

This isn't a LOW end phone. And no, I'm not defending it because I own one, I do not. If you haven't ever used it, it is actually pretty speedy and responsive.

I do own an Optimus S. While I would have liked Flash support and more internal memory for app storage, it is a fine phone (my first Android device). The screen is responsive. It has the same resolution as the iPhone 2 (2008). It feels great in the hand. It's light. I love the physical buttons. And the battery life is above average. LG did a great job with the Optimus series. I think sales are approaching 2 Million. And in 2012, I look forward to seeing what LG phone will be available from Sprint. This is a very sweet ROM. I think I'm happy with stock Froyo (and hopefully Gingerbread). But this is great news for the Sprint rooting community.

I LOVE this ROM with 1 exception. It disabled the ability to use my hard keys to activate the touch screen. Does anyone know how to turn this back on?