Clear your evening, you'll need in excess of three hours for this one!

If you missed todays mammoth keynote from Google I/O 2013, there's no need to be disheartened. You've got a couple of options. The first -- and one we recommend -- is to hit the Android Central Google I/O portal to catch up on all of the days news. Once you've done that, Google has put the whole thing online for you to watch back at your leisure. 

Be warned though, you'll need to clear your evening. All of it. Or watch it in two parts. The keynote clocks in at well over 3 hours long if you count the Q&A time at the end with Larry Page. Which you should, because it's Larry Page. So, enjoy it, and drop into the comments below and let us know what your favorite part was out of everything you saw today.

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anthonycr says:

I found the most interesting part to be all the new tools/APIs for developers that they introduced right at the beginning. Larry Page's talk was pretty awesome though.

Gearu says:

lol There's a 16GB S4 coming with vanilla android June 26. In before purists rage at having already bought an S4.

tim242 says:

It was hard to watch the keynote live. It wouldn't work at all on YouTube, or my smart TV. It froze every minute or so on the site links. The audio gotbetter toward the end, but the picture stayed frozen. I was so mad!

So is there any swag this year?

tkong says:

It's 3 hours long?!

lbaxter says:

You could almost hear a pin drop when he announced the price of the "Google Edition" SGS4.

Gearu says:

Just for fun, let's call it the Nex-S4, tee hee hee.

dovlek says:

Lol @Gearu

Did you'll catch the guy in the audience that had his head behind an Apple Computer? I had to laugh when I saw this!