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Bad news for folks waiting on the Recon Jet. The $500 Android-based heads-up-display — think of it in the same family of wearables as Google Glass — will miss its expected launch in December.

Recon Instruments co-founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt in a blog post and email to those who preordered over the weekend announced that "certain aspects of the latest prototype fell short of my expectations, so some redesign will be required." Eisenhardt notes that they have "mapped a clear path to resolving each of the option issues," but "the bad news is the time necessary to execute the re-design will delay first shipments by a few months."

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'Redesign, polish' delay Recon Jet's shipping by 'a few months'


This is what more companies should do. Make it right the first time so early adopters get the best experience possible.

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While it would be nice for them to get it right within the timeframe they originally announce, I agree. If you can't get it right, better to be honest and upfront about it and let people know what's going on right away, rather then releasing something half-baked (with the result of a worse user experience, plus the annoyance of pushing fixes (software) or releasing a 2.0 hardware version later.

If I'd ordered one, I'd likely be disappointed right now, but long term I know it's the best way for me and other early adopters

That being said, I can't see myself justifying wearable tech for quite some time. It's not something I need, and considering other factors in my life (strong prescription lenses, working in construction, and others) cost and durability factors would have to dramatically change in order for me to consider it

And if you can't be right out of the gate, Be honest. Hats off to these guys for biting the bullet and saying, ooopppss.

Some people are going to be a bit disappointed for Christmas though

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Well maybe those ppl can afford it. What kinda accessory would u spend on if u had $500? PS4/Xbox 1? I'll save the money for a new car.

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Has anyone actually used these or seen them in action? "certain aspects of the latest prototype fell short of my expectations, so some redesign will be required" could mean "what we've got is a load of rubbish and you would demand your money back, give us a little longer and we might have a working product"

I think what this demonstrates is that if you delay the launch of a product that nobody cares about, then no one will care.

Just saying that I do care quite a bit given that they have my money... Wish they would hurry up...

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Thing is it is not a product that a lot people would care about. It's target group is cyclist. The heads up is data like current speed, heart rate, cadences.
If I remember right it was able to load up a route and give a heads up on upcoming turns.

It's target audience is a small group. It is also a group used to paying a pretty penny for stuff. My road bike cost me over 2k and I own at least another grand in just cycling gear like clothing shoes and some tools.
This does not include money spent on maintenance which in the past year I spent a few hundred in parts and labor. Or the hundreds that I have spent of some rides, all of which are all are different fundraiser.

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You're right... apologies. ReconOS is built on a modified version of Android 4.1 and is fully compatible with those Android APIs (API level 16). So developers writing apps for Recon Jet will write them in Java (the programming language for Android). However, our web API allows developers to access the internet from the HUD, regardless of whether the user is on Android or iPhone. It is compatible with both.