LG Thrill 4G

Nobody knows the exact date, but the LG Thrill 4G is coming to an AT&T retailer near you soon (and we've been hands-on with this thing so many kinds of ways already).  Soon enough that units are out there being showed off, as LG is wont to do, and 0mie got his hands on one for a few minutes.  Thankfully, he had a bit of video gear with him, so he was kind enough to pass on a few pictures and a short video of the phone in action.  It's a good look at the software and almost shows off the 3D action. Check 'em out, after the break.

Thanks, 0mie!


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LG Thrill 4G

LG Thrill 4G


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Reader goes hands-on with the LG Thrill


I don't like the rotating media selector thing. It looks nice, but all it really does is make it take longer to get to what you want than if they'd presented it as a grid.

what's wrong with the 3D rotating thang? Unlike the evo 3d, the LG thrill made a 3d UI on its Phone, which looks great,