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After Twitter and Gmail, Read it Later is the application I use most on my phone and I'm completely addicted to it.  If you haven't heard of the app before, Read it Later is a app that lets you save an article in an easy to read format so that you can, well, read it later.

The free version includes all the big features: A single reading list synced across all your devices (Computer, iOS, Android), Wireless downloads for offline viewing, and formatting articles in a clean, easy to read, "Text View" and the ability to change the font size and toggle "night mode" for easier reading in the dark. 

Upgrading to Read it Later Pro ($2.99) unlocks additional features such as:

  • View your entire list (No limits on the number of articles that can be viewed or downloaded)
  • Search and Sort your list
  • Currently Reading (View all open/unfinished articles)
  • Rotation Lock
  • Scroll through articles using the volume rocker

 I've used Read it Later Pro since it first came to the market and it's easily one my favorite apps to recommend to people, and that was before they offered a free trial version.  If you enjoy keeping up with the news on the go, give Read it Later a try.  I think you'll like it.

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Read It Later Free Released Into Android Market


RIL is nice but why is there no InstaPaper application in the Market yet? That's what I'm waiting for.

The Developer of Instapaper stated on his blog that he has no interest in developing for Android at the moment.

I'm a *BIG* rememberthemilk ( and Google Reader user. I basically only read articles that show up in my RSS feeds and if I'm on a PC, I have a custom "share" tool that will add an item to my RTM todo list with a link back to the article. Doesn't work so well on android, but I can always mark an item unread and then deal with it on the PC. (I can, if I choose, use the email item feature to forward it to my RTM account that way... which I do on occasion, but it's just not as seamless).

The concept of this app sounds great on the surface, but I don't see where I would gain anything over what I'm already doing, plus... since I have one TODO list to run my entire life on RTM I only have to go only place to see things I need to do... rather than checking multiple apps.

I suppose this could be valuable if you didn't already have a good TODO list tool, but I'm not seeing it. Is there something I'm missing?

I like RIL for the share features on Android. So from any app, anything with a URL, you can basically Share via RIL and it'll put it in your read list.

Actually never thought about using a Todo tool for the same purpose, but my reading queue tends to get quite long so I'd probably end up losing to-do items. And I sometimes like to keep articles cached in my list for later reference.

RIL also has a nice text formatter to strip out everything except the article and pictures making reading much easier on a small screen.

Well, its not exactly a todo list substitute, but I can see how your method works.

RIT actually can save the entire document locally so that you can read it on the plane, and it can sync between your tablet, phone, and desktop. There is a Chrome-It-Later for google chrome so that you can send articles to your cache.

You can keep things as long as you want, which is nice when you start using it for more than a to-do list, and more like an archive of things you want to keep, not just articles you think you should read but don't have time.

I like it. It purges most of the ads in articles. A web url doesn't do that.

As other's have mentioned, the "Share" functionality in android is great. I get most of my articles via a news reader like Pulse/Ninua and Twitter and I don't always have the time to read the article at that moment. Hit the "share" and send it to read it later, and the article is downloaded in an easy to read format to my phone. I can send links using the computer as well, so if I stumble on something nice (or someone sends me a link) I can send it to my phone to read. The offline viewing capability is really nice as well, since it means I won't be dependent on an internet connection to read. You can also tag articles/mark as read right from the phone, which is nice.

Didn't appreciate the reformatting or offline reading capabilities. Could be some value there. I do with RTM supported a the "Share" functionality in Android. There is an RTM feature request page and it's an item I've voted for... so maybe it'll get there one day.

As for RTM... you can manage quite a bit on your ToDo list... with tags, categories, and smart lists you can dynamically query items many different ways... so I can tag articles to read seperate from work tasks and keep those seperate from my personal chores around the house... so it's not like having just "one list"... if you dont' want it to be.

I've actually implement a system following one of Stephen Covey's principals. I have four "Quadrant" lists. For Important & Urgent, Important and not Urgent, Urgent and not Important, and Not Important Not Urgent. Reading articles typically fall on this last list and those are things I do as I have free time.

I Love this app.. I am very busy and always on the run... It is very nice to just hit the button on the firefox toolbar and be able to finish what I was reading later... I love it... no complaints so far :) it does exactly what is is supposed to do...

Between this and Chrome to Phone I am completely synced between devices. I tried and didn't like Mozilla's mobile browser, let alone their pc browser as it sits now.

Exactly his loss. Apparently because iPhone is what he uses he won't develop an Android app. His choice then to be a niche app. When his customer base dries up, let's see what he does.