Galaxy S5, HTC One M8

How do HTC and Samsung's flagship smartphones compare on paper?

With the arrival of the new HTC One, and before it, the Samsung Galaxy S5 at MWC, the stage is set for one of the great Android rivalries of 2014. It's way too early to call this one — the HTC One has only just launched, and the GS5 is widely available for pre-order but won't be hitting store shelves until April 11. However we're ready to go through the basics with a quick spec comparison after the break.

Category Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC One (M8)
Dimensions 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm
Weight 145g 160g
Colors Shimmery White, Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver, Amber Gold
Display 5.1-inch, 1080p Full HD SuperAMOLED 5.0 inch, 1080p SuperLCD3
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
2.5GHz (MSM8974AC)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
2.5GHz quad-core CPU in Asia/China (MSM8974AC)
2.3GHz quad-core CPU in US/EMEA (MSM8974AB)
Platform Android 4.4 with TouchWiz Android 4.4 with HTC Sense 6, HTC BlinkFeed
SIM Card Type microSIM nanoSIM
Internal Storage 16/32GB + microSD up to 128GB 16/32GB + microSD up to 128GB
Camera 16MP (rear), 2.0MP (front)
4K video
HTC Ultrapixel Camera + Duo Camera (4MP)
F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens
5MP front-facing camera
1080p video
Battery 2800mAh removable 2600mAh non-removable

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So which do you plan on picking up, the dual-camera, all-metal HTC One, or Samsung's waterproof, 16-megapixel beast? Shout out in the comments!


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Quick comparison: HTC One (M8) versus Samsung Galaxy S5 specs


IMO, raw specs don't do much to sell a phone.

It's all about the features, and UX.

When it comes to photophiles or feature freaks, and even the general consumer, Samsung is the obvious winner here.

However, audiophiles, folks who want a phone that feels very premium and doesn't want too many features (and is a super-selfie freak), then the One M8 may be the choice.

Me? Neither. I like both phones, but my M7 will accompany me for another 1.25 years of epic BoomSound.

I love my m7 and I dont feel the urge to upgrade but as soon as I get a hold of 600 bucks I'm getting the m8. I love the HTC one

Posted via Android Central App

Neither of these phones even begin to tempt me away from my Nexus 5...barely an upgrade even if you just compare them on paper.

I would not consider myself a Nexus fanboy either. The Nexus 5 is my first and only Nexus device and my previous two were the S3 and S4.

The only thing that even tempts me about either phone, is Sense 6, and the Boomsound speakers on the M8. I can't quite see how those two things could possibly be worth a $650 price right now.

I think I will stick with my Nexus 5 until the new Nexus phone this year.

Got Nexus?

I'm sure there will be. That silly rumor about no more Nexus devices came from some Russian blogger who has never accurately predicted such things before. I just can't see the benefit in stopping production of Nexus devices, considering they are the flagship of stock Android.

Got Nexus?

Very interesting... HTC dropped beats and less focused on music; and instead focused this model more on the camera. And everyone including HTC fans (nothing wrong with being a fan of HTC btw) agree Samsung wins on the Camera features... I havent had a chance to read too much, but I haven't seen any major improvements in the music features compared to the M7?

Yet the M7 had 468ppi and the M8 has decreased to 441 ppi (due to larger screen) yet the S4 to S5 jump increased not only screen size but also ppi... What do you guys think? Is the new selling point of what makes the new One stand out any better than the M7?

How did the S4 to S5 increase screen size and pixel density when it stayed the same 1080p?

Posted via Android Central App

Sure. The S4 has a 1080p 4.99 inch screen and the S5 has a 1080p 5.1 inch screen. So same amount of pixels over a larger area gives you a lower pixel density. Your ppi can't increase with the same resolution screen unless the area of the screen decreases. It would be much easier to calculate if they gave you the area of the screen in square inches or cm or something but no one does. The S4 has ~441ppi and the S5 has ~432ppi

Just curious, how does a phone, tv, and protector all have 1080p and not necessarily higher ppi? My take on it was... having 1080p means nothing more then the ability to display images that were rendered in that format. The ppi is where you begin to notice the differences of displays in the crispness... regardless of a bigger or smaller screen. Sure everything does 1080p.. but they don't all look equally as clear... right?

No, 1080p describes the native resolution of the display or content. ex. Youtube videos can be 240p (320x240), 480p (640x480), etc. all the way up to 1080p and TVs, phones etc have resolutions of 720p, 480p, 1080p, etc.. 1080p denotes a resolution of 1920x1080. 1080p is about 2.1 megapixels 1920*1080=2073600. I recommend reading They have a handy chart. You generally view phones from closer than TVs or projected screens so you're less likely to notice the low PPI which is why it isn't marketed on those displays.

You'll USUALLY get optimal "clearness" when content resolution is greater than or equal to display resolution but sometimes you get things with large pixel count and crappy resolution because they're just blowing it up to say it's 1080p or 4k or whatever. But 1080p phones have the same native resolution at 5 inches as a 1080p display at 50 inches meaning it shows the exact same number of pixels just in a smaller area.

That's great information you found... I appreciate the links. Can you explain why seeing both HTC and Samsung screens are both larger... yet one lost ppi and the other gained ppi? If bigger screen means more pixels like you suggest... what happen to HTC? I appreciate your knowledge!

They both lost PPI. Not sure where you are reading the s5 gained PPI. Both the s4 and s5 have the same resolution, and the s5 screen is larger so it logically follows it would have less pixels per inch. Same goes for the m7 and m8.

Posted via Android Central App

"When it comes to photophiles or feature freaks, and even the general consumer, Samsung is the obvious winner here."
Well that is a completely inaccurate statement. If you actually played with both and read almost every review out there, photo features is a clear winner for the M8 not to mention Zoe.

Unfortunately it comes down to who manufactured the phone, who has the bigger advertising budget. Just like last year, Samsung will sell more of their flagship phone than HTC, which imho is a bad thing for Android.

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

I was a fan of Sammy's phones until I used a htc one m7 for the first time.

Posted via Android Central App

+1000. Sold my Galaxy S4 and never looked back once I got an M7 for my company owned unit. Now I happily use my M7 for work and an iPhone 5s for personal and wouldn't use a Samsung phone if you paid me to. Granted, I think Samsung makes some phenomenal products (almost every electronic in my house is Samsung.)

But HTC makes a better mobile device. And that's in my opinion, not fact. As soon as our store gets some in-store inventory on the M8, I'll be rocking that bad boy.

I've used my friends HTC one for the day and I felt it wasn't anything special. I don't find the front of the M7 or M8 aesthetically pleasing. Nor do I care what my phone is made of as I stick them in a case. I understand those who don't use a case the metal body and such would be a big thing for them.
One thing I do like about HTC is their front facing speakers, wish more companies did it.

Getting the M8 as soon as the unlocked version is available in Australia

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

It stinks because the S5 has the specs on paper that would persuade the average person, but we all know the M8 is the way to go ;),

Oh and why are we calling it "M8" again? It still confuses me.

I'll be ordering the M8 from Sprint for my wife and I today. Went to see it at Verizon yesterday and it is super snappy and a really great looking device. My wife liked it a lot also and she is leaving her iPhone for it. Can't wait to have it in my hands and also try out Spark here in Houston.

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Picked up the M8 a couple of days ago and I'm very pleased so far. Will be interesting to have a play with the S5 when available for a comparison.

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It really comes down to do you need a camera or audio?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Check out the recent YouTube video showing off an HTC One in a sink of water for over an hour perfectly fine. Someone needs to fact check this because it's awesome if it's true.

Posted via Android Central App

Or, it may "also" come down to

Super LCD 3 or Super Amoled
Sense or Touchwiz
on screen or physical buttons
distinctive metal or typical plastic
fast Android updates or slower updates

Sense updates on Google Play or Touchwiz updates???

If I was eligible for an upgrade, then the s5. Premium doesn't really mean much when you have a case on. I've had every Galaxy up until this phone, and I'm content with the consistent experience they provided. The HTC looks great, besides the alien-like camera, but I've never had the desire to own any of the previous models.I'm a power user and require a swappable battery and great performance, so the S5's my pick.

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By 15g: same weight as 3 US nickels. Who can notice that in their hands when they are nearly the same exact dimensions?

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I'm the biggest power user of anyone I know. Let me tell you my note 3 became a laggy pos after a few weeks of use. My M8 is buttery smooth and is handling it all

I don't know if you are being sarcastic, but Yes in theory if implemented properly it is.

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I don't think it makes much of a difference, if any on a mobile phone.

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

The M8 has DDR3 RAM. That listing is incorrect. My box says DDR3. There is also a thread in XDA talking about it.. DDR3 for the HTC one M8 as well... I should type DDR3 one more time

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both are disappointment to me, Samsung specs are not in Sony Z2 category and HTC M8 camera still fake. I will wait for LG G3 or will go for Sony Z2 though it's only 16 GB internal which is disappointing too..

Posted via Android Central App

What bugs me about Samsung and LG is that half the screen in the notification is taken up by settings and little other stuff. Sony and HTC are the closest to stock Google. Sony can dominate the market with the z2 for 2014 but like all other past sony phones it is available to limited markets. The z2 has 16gb internal but also has a expandable slot.

Hmm .. " Samsung specs are not in Sony Z2 category " .. What spec exactly do you need, more than exist in the S5? I am curious, because I have the S4 and it is smooth, fantastic, and the S5 has a better processor, enhanced screen, improved camera, water resistance, etc. What exactly do you need in your phone in day to day use?

Gs5 all the way! My s3 has been an awesome phone. The first I've ever kept through an entire contract. I'm crazy happy I got to skip a generation. #moretolove

Posted from a smart ass phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5! I don't mind plastic, I'm gonna case it up anyway. Plus, I heard the HTC one is next to irreparable.

Posted via Android Central App

Both phones look very nice. Samsung always leaves a little bit to desire in the sound department, but it's not very often I'm listening to audio through the speakers. I'm more of a picture taker, so I'd prefer the S5's camera. Also I don't like the non-removable batter of the M8, and the IP67 rating on the S5 is something I think needs to be standard on all phones. I'm tired of being nervous about using my phone in the rain. I'm going with the S5.

I'm currently using an S2. It's been a great phone for me but i could use an updated processor, hi res screen and faster camera. I put cases on every phone i've had i think build quality matters less for me. The One's front facing speakers is a compelling feature but size is a factor also. I don't really like that the S5 is larger than the S4 and the One Series is larger than both. I'm used to Samsung connectivity features, brightness of the UI (HTC seems to use a lot of black), and the steady Samsung Camera so I'd choose the S5.

From the above link:

"not to mention that it sports 3GB of DDR3 RAM, whereas the Galaxy S5 is trailing behind with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, while the One M8 comes at the very bottom with less-speedy 2GB of DDR2 RAM."

There is a thread on XDA that goes into all this. Not sure how all these sources got different info. My box says DDR3 so that's what I'll believe. There is also some good evidence on XDA. The S801 chip comes with the RAM integrated, and is the same model as the version in the S5. Shouldn't be any differences.

Posted via Android Central App

I love metal nd build quality. But the S5 for me.
- I actually USE all the features in touchwiz. -Better battery, and its removable...i have the s4 and since i swap batteries i havent plugged my phone into a wall I'm months.
-I love samoled, this one is full hd and colors just jump.
- Don't have to worry about it getting wet,
-back gets dinged I just get a new one
- Better camera..stop making excuses for htc and their camera, alot of u are disappointed and wont admit it.
- everything else the s5 can do that the m8 can't.
Can't justify getting the m8 just because I want to feel metal.

Posted via Android Central App

The only thing I didn't like about the camera on the HTC One is when the blacks started showing up as purple in low light conditions without flash.

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't seen anyone defend the camera...I surely haven't and I still want the m8. To me, htcs sense was a much better user experience than touchwiz. Surely that'll differ from person to person, such as yourself. I don't know of many people that actually use really any of the touchwiz settings, but good to see someone who says they do.

Edit:comment below me defended it. Lol my one defense about the camera, original One, is that it took very sharp pictures and looked beautiful. The lack of zooming because of megapixels is my biggest gripe.

But I have to look at the phone every day... And after a GS3 , note 2 , And much time on a gs4 ... I can't look at TW any more .. it's horrible!!! So that's one thing Samsung isn't doing for me is making my user experience pleasurable. 2 . Speakers suck I do use my speaker on my phone for music.
3. I hate cases so I'd like a solid phone in my hand.
HTC did miss a chance to blow this thing away by not putting a good camera....
HTC could have put the camera from the HTC one X and called it a day and would have been juuuuust fine with me

For me it's gonna either a M8 or Z2 if Sony can hurry the hell up... For now ima rock this M7

Posted via Android Central App

Why would someone not admit when they are unhappy? I enjoy my htcs camera. And the sound quality on my phone is much better than my wife's note 3 through the speakers and auxiliary. I've never gotten a phone wet as I take care of my phone. And I baby my phones so replacing a "banged up back" has never been an issue either. I can go a full day on a single charge and I have a battery pack with me all the time so a removable battery is cool but not needed.

The camera on the m8 is very nice. I played around with the effects yesterday and I was blown away

Posted via Android Central App

Are these effects something you can see yourself using in a couple of months with the phone, though? They seem like more of gimmick that the S4 was heavy on.

I think both are nice but my OCD would drive me nuts if I had the HTC one because its unbalanced from top to bottom. That HTC black bar ruined it for me. Lol

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, I have an m7, but i'm not diggin' the black bar at all, they should of just left the touch capasitive buttons that were on there, i don't see why they made them on screen, just of waste of space. maybe they thought looking bigger would be better? not sure....

There is a video showing the M8 running under water. I believe for over an hour and then just wiped off. I have also read many reviews that like the camera, not sure how the pics look outside the phone environment

Ive heard of it..but it doesn't matter, it's still not supposed to be wet..which is why its not a selling point when you go buy it. Many phones can function for a time underwater. Best believe it does long term damage.

Posted via Android Central App

Let me guess your talking about that YouTube video right. There are plenty of phones that can survive in water that are not officially water protected.. CNET have a video of the s4 surviving in water, in microwave etc but the problem is that yes they may have survived one time but chances are after a couple of goes most likely it will die. You are basiclaly taking a chance and hope it doesn't get destroyed but just cause it survived once or twice doesn't mean it's water resistant and maybe it will work for a while but they're may be long term damages that haven't shown yet . Think about don't you think if htc can guarantee water resistance with m8 they would have. There's a reason why htc didn't.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I've also seen a video where the S4 active, which has a water and dust rating, did not survive the water. I see your point, but do you get mine? If all we are worried about is getting rained on, as the other poster mentioned, then I think the issue is moot. Due to the solid one piece aluminum construction, the only openings appear to be the speakers, sim tray and memory card tray.

Posted via Android Central App

The S5 has the most features that you can demonstrate or show off to people. So that's the more reasonable choice. Also the dimples or color aren't a factor since I'll slap a case on it.

Posted via Android Central App

Huh?? People actually buy a device based on what features they can show off to other people and, based on that, think that that's the "most reasonable choice"? Bizarre.

I'll give it one more go lol.. I think what he's saying above is that the S801 has the RAM integrated. So the RAM comes with the chip. HTC M8 has the same chip as the S5 so they both have DDR3. There is a thread on XDA and it says DDR3 on my M8 box.. I've peppered this info throughout this comment page lol..

Posted via Android Central App

The 2600 non removable battery is a big deal breaker for me. I'm a power user and I NEED A PHONE WITH A REMOVABLE BATTERY! People who buy the "m8" will be lined up at charging stations with the iPhone users, or fighting over a power outlet at the airport. Meanwhile I'm laughing at them while I pull a fresh battery out of my pocket and pop it in my S4. Sammy FTW!!!

PA's battery test on the HTC rated it above the G2 with a 3000 mah battery so I don't see how battery life is still in the talk between these two phones.

Posted via Android Central App

Did they do stand alone tests with the batteries? Reason I ask is because. After the KK update, the G2's battery life is phenomenal; not as good as you'd expect from a 3000mah when on Jelly Bean, at least for many.

posted from LG G2

Anyone can buy an external battery pack to charge any phone. If someone is so worried about that, they could go that route. Wouldn't even have to turn off the phone to swap the batteries and break productivity.

LOL, "What,s that huge thing hanging from your phone..." as you take a call when its charging up your battery.

HTC looks like my next Android phone!!! I used to have the first HTC Evo phone had gingerbread 2.3 I think

Posted via Android Central App

I've preordered an unlocked M8 from Amazon, but I'm still pondering my decision and the S5 in a lot of ways is tempting. I hold no brand loyalty and have had both Samsungs and HTCs. The S5 wins the spec war, but I find Sense much more intuitive and faster than Touchwiz. The multicolored icon settings do nothing for me in the S5. I find that Sense just works and doesn't get in the way.

S5 for me.. 2 reasons the m8 fails for me is the huge bottom bezels and 4mp camera

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I think the real concern between these two phones, is which one will be easier to unlock the bootloader. It would be nice if Samsung offered a bootloader unlock service like HTC.

Easily S5.

Especially for the camera first and fore-most. PDAF is a huge advantage over other camera phones. Was hoping to see a more effective 'selective focus' feature with the M8 considering the marketing behind the HTC Duo camera. But looking at selective focus samples from both, neither are any better.
IP67 is another feature that complements the camera functionality. Phone in the pool? Not a problem!
And last is the swappable battery; I've come to terms that no phone based on my use will last a whole day-- so it's handy to have a charged battery on standby. Especially when you're out without access to a charger.

my 2 pennies.

Phone in the pool can be a problem because the phone is only rated for a certain depth and is water resistant (it also means you better hope you secured the back on correctly after switching out batteries). There's a reason why Sony uses sealed phones with their construction: which is why Sony is water proof and Samsung is water resistant.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. My Tablet Z is IP58, which is 3m/~3ft for 30min? What a joy to use without worries. I had the most baffled stares using the tablet in the water resort.

First digit - ingress of solid objects

0 - no protection at all
1 - solid objects up to 50 mm
2 - solid objects up to 12 mm in diameter, like fingers
3 - objects up to 2.5 mm in diameter, for example, tool and thick wires
4 - objects up to 1 mm in diameter, which covers most wires and screws
5 - basic but not total protection against dust, in other words, dust proof
6 - complete protection against ingress of dust, also known as dust tight

Second digit - ingress of water

0 - no protection at all
1 - dripping water for about 10 minutes
2 - dripping water for 10 minutes at an angle of 15 degrees from the normal position
3 - spraying water when the device is up at an angle of 60 degrees for 5 minutes
4 - splashing water for 5 minutes from any direction
5 - jest of water from a nozzle of 6.3 mm in diamater for 15 minutes
6 - very powerful jets of water for at most 3 minutes
7 - immersion in water of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
8 - immersion in water beyond 1 meter but usually less than 3 meters
9 - protected against high pressure, high temperature jets of water

Notice that while the HTC has a "bigger" screen, and is bigger overall, it actually has less screen area in use. How long before people start complaining about false advertising? This is a design Fail, but AC is so in the tank for HTC they can't see it.

Both phones are just incremental improvements over their predecessors, neither provides anything radically new. Especially not the One. But AC and the rest of the HTC fan band act like the new One is the second coming of cell phones. Ridiculous.

How is it false advertising? It's a 5" screen. Are you complaining about the onscreen buttons? Have you not heard of full immersion mode? Do you also complain about the status bar taking up screen?
I find it funny that people complain about the size of HTC, which has two huge speakers. What's Samsung's excuse for their phone size which doesn't have two huge speakers? The huge physical home button and capacitive buttons?
Posted via Android Central App

How is it false advertising? It's a 5" screen. Are you complaining about the onscreen buttons? Have you not heard of full immersion mode? Do you also complain about the status bar taking up screen?

I find it funny that people complain about the size of HTC, which has two huge speakers. What's Samsung's excuse for their phone size which doesn't have two huge speakers? The huge physical home button and capacitive buttons?

Posted via Android Central App

A+ to HTC for effort, but the choice is easy for me. These phones have basically the same internals, so it comes down to how they look and what they do. And in that regard Samsung wins by miles in my book. I'm getting the S5 with my next upgrade!

I want to combine both and have a superphone. I'm not anywhere due for a new phone (N5).. but I would hate to have to pick between these 2 because as a music artist I take alot of pics/video of performances and listen to alot of music.

As for me, it was the M8 hands down. HTC is first a solid handset manufacturer dating back to before its Palm and Compaq contract manufacturing days. The M8 is a beautiful handset, solidly built, and designed to last. Sense 6 is a perfect fit for Android.

In normal usage, I've seen the S4 lag behind the M7, despite having faster memory. I do believe the load times for games is faster though.

Posted via Android Central App

What are the US carriers selling 16 or 32GB? I hope T-Mobile has the 32 GB variant when they start selling on 11th.

Posted via Android Central App

Sprint (website)
HTC One M8 - 32 GB
Samsung S5 - 16 GB

Same price

16 GB internal storage
totally unacceptable.

Posted via Android Central App

Think I will go with the galaxy s5 love the features and never had a good experience with HTC phones. Had every galaxy S phone so far don't see why I should change it up now.

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly you don't know what you have been missing out on until you make the switch, I have no brand loyalty I love android and I like a little bit of what each of the oems have to offer. Try something new if you stick with the same manufacturer you may get bored. I'm rocking a G2 that I really like but I would love to get a Z2 if I could that seems to have the best look and features. But I am also interested in the oppo find 7 and the upcoming one plus. The wife really wants an m8 cause she loves her current m7.

Posted via Android Central App

After careful thought, I'm sticking with my S3 (verizon w/ UD contract expires July) 'til the S6 or something similar to it comes out. S3 for me will be more than enough for the foreseeable future with or without future android updates.

For me it's the S5 with removable battery and the power saving mode with grey screen. If the battery was removable I would look at many phones to buy, but they don't so I'm happy with my third Sammy.
My S4 is fast & smooth and the sound, though not as good as Boom sound, is still very good running Neutron Music player into Skullcandy aviator headphones. Don't really use the external speaker.

Posted via Android Central App

The Note 3 AMOLED screen is tested to be MUCH better than any HTC phone in direct sunlight. While the Windows Nokia phone (forget the model) is even better. But for Androids. the Note 3 is the best daylight readable phone as of 3/28/2014.

Always been a fan of HTC but the camera gives me doubts about upgrading. Though boom sound is phenomenal, I love super lcd3, and I am a sucker for a heavier more premium feeling phone. Samsung I have tried multiple times and I always got horrible burn in on the screen, hated the toy like feel and had numerous issues in general useability. Honestly I've never tried a phone by Sony but the Xperia Z2 is looking tempting.

Posted via Android Central App

I'll wait for the HTC One M8 Mini. The new One is just too big for me. Hopefully HTC will come out with a new Mini, with nothing less than the specs of the M7 (except maybe just a little smaller).

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung KNOX. That is enough to pass on the S5. HTC figured out that a microSD is why they lost sales of the HTC One (M7) to the S4.

I chose the S4 simply because it had microSD. Samsung now has KNOX. My next phone on Verizon will be the HTC One (M8). The LG G3 won't have microSD. That is a deal killer for me.

they lost sale because it didn't have micro SD? what joint are you smoking? you think avg consumer even knew what HTC ONE was?

I'm not a fanboy of any product. I worked at TMO (part time) for a couple of years so I've been through Blackberries, Windows, Samsung, HTC, and just about every smartphone we sold.

I currently own the HTC One and this is the longest that I've ever owned a phone. I usually go through them every 5-6 months. Normally pass them down to wife and kids (have 5 lines).

This has been the best phone (for me) and I was hoping to be "wowed" by the "new" HTC One but unfortunately I'm not. I've been a little disappointed with the camera on my phone but lived with it because I do like Sense and love how this phone has never lagged and always been responsive. But I do want a better camera experience now as well as water/dust resistance.

I going to hold out for the LG G3 and see what that brings. My trusty One can get through a few more months.

To recap. The M8 is bigger and heavier with a smaller screen, worse CPU/RAM combo, a lower capacity non-removable battery and a toy camera. Gotcha.

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When the VZW GS5 is confirmed on XDA to be rooted with something like cleanrom, I'll get one of those.


I have the SG3 and have had no need to upgrade. SGS4 and SGS5 that came with 16GB were more of waster or non existent user space to even consider upgrading. I loved the look and feel of the M7 and can't wait to check out M8. The ONLY issue I have with the M8 is the camera. I would definitely purchase NOW and swap out my wife's HTC DNA but the camera is lacking so much compared any Samsung and others.

Both phones will be competent at whatever tasks are thrown their way. Although, strictly from an ergonomics standpoint, the S4 will be slightly easier to use, with the volume button on the side. I don't like the fact that HTC put the power button on the top of the device, requiring you to slide the phone down your hand to turn it on, and then slide it back up your hand to begin using it. Or you will need to hold the device in one hand, and power it on with the other hand. I do like that HTC got rid of that weird button configuration from the first gen One. I just wish HTC would bump up their ultra pixel camera to the 8mp range, so you get better detail in your pictures.

Just look at those GS5 specs!!!

Samsung has a bigger display in a smaller body...Win!

Samsung has a faster processor...Win!

Samsung has a lightweight body...Win!

Samsung has a removable battery and a sd card slot...Win!

Samsung has a better camera...Win!

Posted via Android Central App

+1. . . but you won't read much comment pointing this out on AC, most writers here favor HTC no matter what.

funny how people says m7 and m8... since when they started calling m7? Sounds like nobody knows what to do with name.

Currenty using a S4 and the removable battery wins it for me so the logical step would be the S5. Besides, we use a lot of samsung products in the house.

Posted via Android Central App

I came from an iPhone to s4. The s4 was great at first, still isn't bad but, the bugs with the lag, sluggish opening apps, freezing while trying to answer a call is bs. I'm worried that's going to be carried on to the s5. I have a nexus 7 2013 that runs like butter, I hear sense is alot closer to pure android than TW. Any truth to that? Also I do like some native Sammy apps like "watchon" and "samsung link". Any apps to match those on the one?

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#1. odd.... have an ATT S4 and zero lag. Did you enable developer options and disable the 3 animation scales? That reduces 99% of lag. Freezing? strange. . . Is it stock rom? custom rom? kernel? Those things make a difference. Try Shostock 4.4.2 or GoldenEye 4.4.2. At a minimum swap kernels. Unless. . .you have an MF3 or later bootloader. If that's the case, then both SS & GE have SafeStrap versions that will work. There is simply no need to have an S4 that isn't working . . .great.

#2. Sense v Touchwiz: Both are different from "pure Android" (as presented in the Nexus). Both do a LOT more than pure Android! Sense is kind of weird or counter-intuitive in it's setup --they seem to have improved it a bit with the new version (so I've heard) but.... TW also is a bit "stuffy" and kind of meh as a launcher.

Both sense and tw can be replaced in about 3 minutes by any of a dozen great custom launchers in Play Store. Any of these will deliver virtually unlimited customization, and also give you more options than "pure" android, which is really kind of limited. Good luck!

Oh, there are play store alternatives to the really nice remote found in the S4 (watchon) . Don't know about options to replace the Samsung link

I owned an OG Evo and it sticks in my head that I had to Factory Reset that phone three times over its life. I've had the Galaxy S3 for the same amount of time with no reset required Obviously, there are going to be growing pains and that may be a thing of the past. Has anyone had any issues with their M7?

I'm definitely going to upgrade but that's one thing that keeps me from the M8.

Save yourself and wait for Note 4!
If you don't like TW, install Nova launcher. its the best thing ever
if you don't like Sammy design then get a awesome case from Spigen.
HTC is total mess, pretty design doesn't do justice

Has anyone given a complete comparison between the M8 and the Note3? Those are the 2 I'm interested in, because I currently use the GS3 but my all time favorite phone was HTC HD2, although it was Win6 (originally) once rooted I've had win7/android2.2 thru 4.0 & ubuntu all running from it GREAT! Slow but great; Wi-Fi sharing ran on it (for free) it was the best phone ever, but you can only overclock for so long before it doesn't matter anymore and UPGRADE is the word of the day.

Moment of silence... I miss you

I need that again, point me in the right direction. Please.

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I wish Samsung would completely redesign touchwiz to be more appealing and less overly colourful and boring!!! And make it smaller because the 16gb S5 has about 8gb available to user that is horrible for 16gb I mean could you at least give 14gb or 12gb available that's way better than 8gb out of 16gb. And make them snappy and not slow, I had a Kyocera Event couldn't even use it honeslty IT IS THE WOREST PHONE EVER!!! Then a Samsung Galaxy Ring IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! Then I bought a ZTE Awe all from Virgin Mobile it was Awesome But I needed more storage so I got a Moto G and couldn't be happier!!!! Seriously Samsung step up your game in the Mobile Phone Wars!!!!! (Or M.P.W for short).

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My current phone is 3 years old. Despite working in tech, I'm a late adapter, but this time around, I want to see what it feels like to own a flagship phone. The specs seem comparable to me with a plus or minus on either side. I'm waiting until both phones are available in stores and I can hold each of them in my hand.

Marketing and selling is part of business, not just designing the look of a product. whose fault is it that HTC is struggling? No one but themselves.
Seems like they didn't even know what to do with the name, now everyone is calling m7, m8, mess