New chips with better performance and enhanced battery life are always welcomed in our devices, right? Well this morning Qualcomm announced some additions to their new lines of processors, bringing a next generation Snapdragon processor to all smartphone and tablet devices. These new processors, which were built from the ground up, not only aim to bring better power management and a significant performance boost, but it will also carry lower inventory costs, which is a huge plus. 

In addition to the processor announcement Qualcomm has also announced that they are looking to bring a bunch of high performance games to the Android platform, some of these titles include The Ball, Fight Game Heroes, and Galaga Special Edition. These titles will be aimed to take full advantage of the new processors, giving an unmatched gaming experience.

Source: Qualcomm


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Qualcomm announces a load of new processors, and exclusive games for Android devices


I know everybody loves to beat the "fragmentation" drum, but if these efforts like TergaZone and GameCommand result in incentivizing large game studios to bring better games into the market, I don't see it as an entirely bad thing.


Unless the game you want is locked up by the processor you dont have.

I want galaxy on fire 2. It was amazing on the iphone. I'm not 12 so the xperia play is out, and I want a bigger screen than 4" so the atrix 1 is out. Too bad for me... unless I get an iPad. See the problem?

Android fragmentation sucks, true story.

And this is why I'm not buying a nexus. Yes the tech is posted the second you buy it but we are in a period where phones are taking huge leaps with quad core and more efficiently doing it. I'm going to hold out for the new standard.

Yes, but dual-core will be older faster than quad core. The Galaxy Nexus is coming out this month (Nov) and a quad cores are coming out early 2012. The next revision after that won't be until another year.

I've always thought that Nexus devices should be released at the beginning of the year when all the new tech is released instead of at the end of the year when everything is just the standard.

"I've always thought that Nexus devices should be released at the beginning of the year..."

The way things are going with Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus, you may get your wish.

Actually yours is flawed demon. As the nexus releases quad core comes out meaning dual core is no longer the new standard. I'm willing to bet quad chips will be the standard for some time meaning I'm more future proof with quad core than dual seeing as how it's only a few months away. So before you try to discuss logic demon think about it first.

All you people clamor over specs and say you don't want the nexus because of its out-dated specs. It amazes me that you ignore the fact that ICS is optimized specifically for the nexus' hardware. Go get your quad-core, skin-bloated "beasts" early next year...I'll be enjoying my snappy nexus for the next two years with guaranteed updates.

^This. First of all, quad core phones will be revealed at CES, but they won't be available until summer (just like every other year). By then, rumors of the next OS version will be coming and you'll wait for that too right? Just keep waiting until you get old. Good plan! Secondly, we'll see how outdated the nexus is when you're still on a bloated ICS (if you're lucky) and the nexus is on stock Jellybean and beyond.

i dont understand why all the people who want to settle for the galaxy nexus always try to make it seem like it is the most logical thing to do.

as far as im concerned, whatever my next phone will be it will be rooted and doing the exact same thing the galaxy nexus is doing but with better specs.

if you're afraid to root then sure buy a nexus phone so you don't have to worry about it, but dont try to make it seem like the ppl waiting for a true step up in hardware are mind boggling and their phones are going to 'suck' because it doesn't come from the factory with stock android.