Before the Project Ara team heads into their Google hosted Ara Developers Conference on April 15-16, 2014, they've decided to go ahead and offer a bit of a behind the scenes look at their development processes in a new video.

Throughout the video, you get to meet folks from the Ara Team and get a quick look at some of prototypes they're working on and learn how some of those pieces will all come together to ultimately make your own personalized smartphone.

Needless to say, we're looking to hearing more from these folks and will be tuned into the Ara Developers Conference to see what, if any, new developments come from there. The future looks cool!

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The Project Ara team takes us behind the scenes in new video


Amazingly cool technology. Truly innovating the mobile world, good job Google and all the other teams involved. Can't wait!

I really can't wait for this to come to us consumers!! It really will be freedom of choice to choose how your phone will look and feel. It will change everything!!

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what has me extra excited about this is it really goes back to Android roots. When I first heard about Android, before Google bought it the idea was to buy parts or whatever phone you wanted and put Android on it and this gives users the ability to make whatever phone fits their needs both in function and design.

Exactly, it makes Android feel like a free experience of hardware and software which is fantastic.

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