LG L65

Over on Twitter, smartphone leakster evleaks has shared a new image of an upcoming Android handset from LG. It's called the LG L65 and appears to be a device aimed at emerging markets.

Specs for the LG L65 include a 1.2 GHz X2 processor, a 4.3-inch display and a 5MP camera. Other specs include Android KitKat, dual-SIM support and a removable back. Not mind blowing specs, but certainly appealing for those getting into their first smartphone.

Anyone interested in a handset like this?

Source: @evleaksES

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Looks like a shitty Galaxy.

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Mikest says:

That's a horrible looking render. It really does look like a cheesy old galaxy. Its really the central home button and the rounded corners that force the galaxy look. At least they flipped the menu and back button.

Ry says:

Galaxy + iPhone 5C

That's actually pretty nice little device. I think it would be a good budget phone.
I don't really mind it looking like a galaxy. People buying budget devices don't buy a smartphone for the looks. I could do well in India or China if priced right.
The side bezels are pretty small.