LG L65

Over on Twitter, smartphone leakster evleaks has shared a new image of an upcoming Android handset from LG. It's called the LG L65 and appears to be a device aimed at emerging markets.

Specs for the LG L65 include a 1.2 GHz X2 processor, a 4.3-inch display and a 5MP camera. Other specs include Android KitKat, dual-SIM support and a removable back. Not mind blowing specs, but certainly appealing for those getting into their first smartphone.

Anyone interested in a handset like this?

Source: @evleaksES


Reader comments

Press render of the white LG L65 strolls onto the internet


That's a horrible looking render. It really does look like a cheesy old galaxy. Its really the central home button and the rounded corners that force the galaxy look. At least they flipped the menu and back button.

That's actually pretty nice little device. I think it would be a good budget phone.
I don't really mind it looking like a galaxy. People buying budget devices don't buy a smartphone for the looks. I could do well in India or China if priced right.
The side bezels are pretty small.