Looking in the Android Market to see what apps are possibly on sale this weekend? If so, you'll want to check out PowerAMP. The folks from Max MP have are celebrating their success and wanted to give the community a little something back for all the love they've been shown.

Rarely do we get users that make us so proud of what we've created. We have received ratings that have constantly staid above the 4.5 mark even after 100,000+ rating on top of that, we have received over 15,000,000 downloads. As thank you, we are doing a 48 hour application sale for $1.99. So if you love our player and want to get it for a bargain price (only time you'll get this chance this year), here you go guys. Thanks for using our player!

PowerAMP  normally goes for $4.99 has been reduced down to only $2 in the Android Market and will stay that way up until Sunday. We've checked out PowerAMP in the past and were more then pleased with it's offering, so if you're looking to get better control of how you listen to music this would be the time to do it. You'll find the download to the free trial version past the break, from there you can purchase the upgrade unlocker.


Reader comments

PowerAMP on sale this weekend for only $2


awesome timing! Had been using it for a week or so now and kinda liking it! Only the price was a little steep but this is perfect, bought it!
Adds some features that I really missed in the default player (like add to "now playing"/queue, still don't get that that's not a basic option...!?)

All I need now for this app to be absolutely perfect is google music support (to access my online music) but dunno if google has released an API for this/it will ever be possible

I bought this when it first came out back when I had an N1. Best money I've spent on an app other than DoggCatcher. Get it folks!

Hands down the best music player on Android. Too bad you can't stream Google Music in PowerAMP but I'm pretty sure that can't be done yet.

FYI, if you've been living under a rock, or just got your 1st Android, this is probably the best music player out there. One thing I absolutely love about this is that you can choose which folders for this to scan. That's something I haven't seen any of the other apps do, they just stupidly scan the whole SD card, which means you can have problems if you have ebooks or other mp3s on your phone. Then you have to set up playlists, which work well, but are a pain on the front end. This can just play your music folder and you don't have to jack with play lists unless you want to. There are a ton of other nice features on this, but that's the one that made me buy PowerAMP.


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You're right, it's an adjective... but the intended use was as a verb, therefore it should have been "stayed" and not "staid".

This is my favorite paid app. While the added features are excellent it was the sound quality that sold me. This is the app that made me finally cut all ties with crapple. Definitely recommend.

Me too, this app was my iPod killer. Once this came out I only carry one device around for everything. I've had PowerAMP since it first came out, and it was well worth the $5.00. It's evolved nicely over the years too.

Why don't these high end music apps have better ratings tools? I have a large library and can't always remember the names of songs I like by new artists, so I use the 5 star rating system on Double Twist to remind me how awesome our lame something is. How come this isn't standard in most music apps?

I agree. The rating system in PowerAmp keeps your ratings in its own database, which is pretty useless. How hard can it be to save them to the ID3 tag? If they added this poweramp would be damn near perfect.

Nothing wrong with PowerAmp, but in the end I preferred PlayerPro and that became my daily driver.

PlayerPro also allows you to use a variety of ratings systems, and sync them with iTunes (and a couple of other media managers if I recall correctly) using a third-party app that they recommend.

Thank you for the news update! purchased! best music player for android. If you love listening to music from your Android handset/tablet, you MUST get this.

will mention as well this is a great music program. Too bad I paid the full $4.99 way back when but oh well what are ya gonna do.

Fabulous program!

I bought this app last week for 4.99 after checking out the trial with no hesitation and no regret. One reason being, it had no problem finding my mp3 or music files on my sdcard right away. Every other music player i've tried refused to see music files I added. The user interface is very pleasing to the eye, it runs super smooth and fast, has awesome EQ and audio settings to play around with. Also it has zero impact on my battery life while running by its self with the screen off.

Well, would have liked to have taken advantage of this offer. It's 5:30 on Sunday. That's been considered "the weekend" my entire life. I guess that is no longer considered the weekend to Max MP as the price is back to $4.99. Seems I'll be sticking with Meridian for now.

I had to chime in on PowerAmp. It is the best player in my opinion. I have had it on my phone and tablet for a while now.. It does make the music sound really good and that's what I like the most, since I use my tablet as my head unit in my truck. All of the other features are icing on the cake. The swiping to change songs and albums is a Godsend, especially in a vehicle.

I really like PowerAmp and especially liked the graphics equalizer.

After I installed the app I had a problem with my phone just start playing music at random times. I could not find a solution so I finally deleted the App. Solved the problem!

Using an HTC Shift. Anyone else have this problem?

Hey it's only 7pm in CA and the price is back to the full $4. What's up with that????

****go to Poweramp's site>NEWS not apps>$1.99 (apps has $4.99). Not linked to Marker Place so it's considered a third party app and a credit or debit card is required. Immediately received verification and installing instructions. Haven't tried to install yet because I wanted to post in case anyone else has same problem with full price in Market Place.

**** I was able to get the sale price at 1am PST. Again, had full price on site but under NEWS it was still $1.99!!!!!!! Thanks Poweramp

I'm in NYC, It's 10:54 PM EST...Trying to buy the full version, android market won't let me buy it for the sale price. #False advertisement...not good.