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Phil and Dieter talk the Droid 2.1 update, Nexus Ones galore and answer some of your questions.

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Reader comments

Android Central Podcast Episode 3


hmm thats weird, its not showing up in google reader or google listen that u have a new episode

edit: woops nevermind there it is

You should have a giveaway for your old Nexus one to your loyal readers!

I totally agree with Dieter that we should train a generation of Nexus One users instead of a generation of Backflip users :)
I currently have an iPhone and I hate the fact that it is closed. As soon as the stupid 24month contract runs out I'm getting an android phone! (An open one of course)

I think we need to train a generation of Nexus One developers.

That's a problem. We tend to think everyone wants the same as we do. A lot of people want an iPhone. Or a Pixie. Or a BB Curve in purple *shudder*

It's awful silly of me to think we all need to be programmers or developers of some sort with our tech toys. By the same token, it's silly to think everyone would want one to begin with.

But hell, count me in. A huge pool of talented users all working with the same hardware? Oh yeah.

Thanks for the pod cast. I also enjoyed the crackberry pod cast but since i moved over from a BB 9550 to the Droid, i have been enjoying the pod casts. keep up the good work.