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Phil's back from the Motorola Droid X event in New York, with the phone in hand! Plus, a bunch of your e-mails and voicemails. And vuvuzelas!

Motorola Droid X announced!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 18


Hey Phil... you were all excited about having voice recgonition on the Droid X for the keyboard. You didn't know if any other Android phone had it. Your two guests said they didn't think so. Well guess what.. that little old myTouch 3G Slide that everyone is knocking as being "low level" has voice recgonition for the keyboard! You guys have way, way underestimated the Slide... big time!! And by-the-way, the Slide is by no means "low level"... it is one heck of a phone and does Android proud!

hey phil - couple things from the podcast:
1) verizon first started out charging $40 for the wifi hotspot on the pre and pixi pluses, but dropped it to free because the phones werent selling at all. theyre trying to build more value in the $30 for the data feature than what other devices have in order to clear them off the shelves. also why the lowered the price to a crazy free or $50. its most likely positioned at $20 for the wifi tethering for 2 gb because most that use the tethering feature on other devices only use 1 gb of access per month. normally the tethering is $30 on the other devices.
2) the reason for why when you walk into a retail store and you have the imagio and other windows devices and palms staring you in the face is because certain OS's cant be put next to each other per legal agreements with those manufacturers, windows, palm, etc. crazy, but no one wants to get sued for putting the kin next to android and so on.

2) Seriously? That's nuts! And it doesn't explain why in my local store the HTC Ozone was lopped in with the BlackBerry line ... :-/