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We're back from a couple weeks away, but there's more Android news to talk about than ever before!

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Android Central Podcast 108: Nonstop releases, baby!


FYI: The media controls in the Beats earbuds for HTC phones do not work on Samsung phones and the whole headset is incompatible with Sony phones. So it isn't just Apple who does proprietary crap to ruin the user experience with products of other manufacturers.

You guys mentioned iPhone being the only phone to get such hype in the media, but you didn't mention the Lumia 920. I was curious to see what you guys thought of the hardware. The ridiculous ppi and supposed brightness levels have me wondering if "the one X's screen won't be beaten this year" is such an accurate statement to make.

Haven't gotten to play with the 920 yet, actually. But there's some really good WP hardware out there.

But the 920 had nowhere near the same hype as the iPhone. Not by a long shot.

Oh, I agree. I just meant that you guys didn't mention the Lumia much the same way mainstream media didn't mention recent android flagships, even though it has arguably the best hardware of any announced phone.

I haven't paid much attention to wp phones in the past, but the specs on the 920 really amaze me. If only it ran Android...

Since the ics update to my resound, I can't get the podcast to play in stock browser. Which settings do I need to change??

Apple puts out only one phone a year, that alone makes it a bigger deal for the I-Phone user. If GOOGLE would put the attention and details into their once a year Nexus phones and come out with a real killer phone with over the top hardware and soft wear the Android Nation would make noise. The press needs to be educated and that is up to Google, Samsung, HTC and so forth.
I don't understand how any educated person in this market as yourselves can make such a big deal over a phone that has taken over one year to make and has nothing but old ideas (borrowed)from other companies and a stretched out screen. It's laughable, Apple held off in putting LTE in their 4s knowing that the I-Phone owners would still line up and buy them. One year+ later they stick LTE in their phones and the ability to take pictures while shooting a video (that sounds like what my SGS3 has in it) and repackage it as the latest and greatest. The claim about the battery is the killer to me, all kinds of claims but no one knows just how big this NEW battery is. No one knows any real specks of anything in this phone. It is all bull shit and marketing. My year old Rezound is a better phone with better specks, My new SGS3 blows this latest and greatest completely away. A 4 inch LTE phone with last years specks, Apple obviously spent their yearly fund on litigation because there wasn't any innovation in their new phone. Just My Opinion.