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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is released, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can't get itself out of the news, plus more of your e-mails and voicemails.

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Android Central Podcast 102: Jelly Beans and Galaxy S3 all over the damn place


One thing you guys need to keep in mind when talking about rooting devices:

Some people are probably using these devices in a BYOD environment at work. One of the security measures in place for a properly configured MDM will be to disallow rooted or jail broken devices.

In addition, some of us just plain prefer not to root.

I would have got a nexus if it had a freaking sd card. it probably would have sold´╗┐ 1.3x more if it had an sd card. instead i got a rezound

I disagree with the comment that too much ram is wasted ram. One could then argue that too much cpu is wasted cpu. How often do you really use all 1.5ghz of a dual core cpu... I mean come on. On my droid 2 I underclocked my cpu to never go over 300mhz between the hours of 8:00 and 4:30 to save battery life while i was at work not using my phone.

The only way that it's wasted memory is if the OS can't utilize it to it's full potential. Much like putting 8 gigs of ram in a pc running 32-bit windows (or 4 gigs in windows xp).

If android is limited to 1.5, then yes it's a waste. If Android can use 2 but only regularly uses 1.5, I would say it's not a waste because I'm sure there has to be someone, somewhere, that can use more than 1.5 before Android starts closing things. Not a waste, just not necessary for all users, much like root access or i phones. ;)

Jerry, the extra ram on the Android, maybe for the future use! What do you think?
And sound you do like the One X over the SGS3, which is maybe personal choice.

A caller asked about avoiding the update that removes local search and you guys recommended that he just installed takju.

I think that's a bad recommendation as takju is a US variant and will be one of the devices affected by the patent lawsuit.

I would suggest installing yakju as its the international one and will most likely be left untouched.