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We're back with the best Android podcast on the planet!

This week, Jerry, Russell and Daniel catch up on everything that happened after CES 2017 (plus a bit that happened during CES), including the HTC U Ultra and U Play announcements, the Huawei Mate 9, Daydream, and the NVIDIA Shield update!

Plus, Nintendo! How does the Switch fit into a mobile-first gaming world? And does Nintendo's next Android game, Fire Emblem Heroes, hold the same influence as Super Mario Run?

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Android Central 321: U, Mi and Huawei


All glass. It's going to look so scratched up within a week. I think soft touch plastic, like the back of the Nexus 5, is the best material for a phone. It can easily look brand new after 2 years. It's also durable.

Sorry guys but the live shows and Phil makes the podcasts fun. Phil doesn't sound like he has to read questions off of pre thought out cards AND the podcasts used to be on schedule. I have been a very long time listener of your podcasts. I kept waiting for the last one to come out and to hear something from Android Central from CES... Finally I went looking for another source and found it. The other android podcast has chemistry like the Android Central podcast used to. Come on guys get it together. I'd like to keep listening. Btw it was nice to have Russell and his passion back on a regular podcast.
I agree with him. No more glass backs. Give me a phone that I can hold without slipping out of my hands and that doesn't look like crap after a month.

The more diverse the commentators - are - the more entertaining the show is. Love to hear everyone's passions and viewpoints...

Look forward to each podcast.

And... I like Skittles...

And preferably no glass backs...

I wish Google TV was on the Spectrum (Charter/Time Warner) supported list. It would make It a super compelling reason to put it on multiple TVs. As much as I would prefer to replace the Rokus in the house.... at least they are supported by the Cable provider.

Eventually I will be able to cut the Cable again when I can get all the channels the wife wants as individual subscriptions.

Jerry. You say the iPhone 5S doesn't run the Mario game very well. How do you think it will run on many android phones as the iPhone 5S benchmarks better than many current android phones and iPhones tend to run games very smoothly?

Daniel, What kind of headphones do you use??? If you wear them all day and forget you're wearing them, I need to know!