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This week, on a very special Android Central Podcast ...

Phil's got some big plans, someone's got a few four-letter words — and we've got a lot of your emails and voicemails to go through. Don't miss this one!

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Android Central 299: Say Anything


I don't know Jim but i hope he is doing alright.

Also Lenovo has failed.

But i hope they make jerry the editor in chief someday.

One more thing, Andrew made a comment about the fact that mid range phones are supposed to be slow(er) than flagships in daily use. If that truly is the case(which it isn't if you have last year's Moto g) than android has moved nowhere in the mid range space since 2012. Also on the topic of smartwatches I'm in the same boat as jerry I have a Moto 360 and from my POV I just don't see a future for Android wear I did when Google Glass was still a thing, but i think Googles focus is squarly on VR as well as Chrome OS and consolidation of ground already taken on the Android OS side of things.

TLDR it's a weird year for Android in fact pretty gloomy if you're not Samsung.

I don't think that they're "supposed to be" slower — but more so that it's not at all surprising that a phone with a Snapdragon 617 (a particularly rough mid-range CPU) is slower than one with a faster high-end CPU and perhaps more RAM.

Well sure in benchmarks(that don't show user experience) it's slower. But nowadays it really shouldn't feel this way and in phones like the idol 4S/last year's Moto G, you don't feel it and from what I heard in the Moto G4 you feel it is a slower phone, so compared to the competition it falters.

Hey Phil just listening to the podcast as we speak. Hope your new adventure goes brilliant. You'll be a missed a Man. Fridays will be different. Thanks for all the podcasts and great android and tech reviews and info. Thanks

Posted via the Android Central App Galaxy s7

Is he even an AC employee? All his stuff seems like it is simply linked to the AC site but it is hosted on his own or at other places. Like, he uses his own YouTube channel.

Well not sure what he'd take over — he's not a member of the AC staff :)

e's gonna keep being MrMobile and doing awesome MrMobile things. Every once and a while he'll guest on a podcast, as he has previously.

So, vacation for a week? Anyway, hope everything goes well for you, Phil. I enjoy your perspective on things. I like how you aren't so fanboyish over every new thing Google releases like they can do no wrong.

So Phil is leaving for good! Anybody that doesn't think so, doesn't understand the business end of tech companies. Good Luck Phil, wherever you turn up

Great podcast! I literally LOL'd half a dozen times. I hope y'all get the "Say Anything" idea to work and add a doorbell video feed to the podcast next week.

Wow! What a bummer about Phil. I feel like when I first started reading AC it was pretty much just Phil and Jerry. AC has a hell of a team and I really enjoy what they all do and all of their different styles and thoughts. Good luck to whoever takes the captain's chair. Any of you would do just as well, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pulling for Jerry. :)

Posted via the Android Central App

Phil, I wish you the best in this new endeavor. Thank you for your devotion to AC. Can't wait to see what the Mobile Nations family is coming up with. Best of luck, and hope to see you sooner than later around here.

Posted via the Android Central App

You're the main icon of AC! We wish you well in you new adventures and be sure to drop around AC occasionally. Kudos to the others in their promotion in taking the helm!

Posted via the Android Central App

I echo the sentiments of many of the readers/listeners in this thread. Phil, your time away - however long or short, will truly see you missed. Those of us that listen to the podcast and read the articles on a regular basis know that AC is in good hands. We would be remiss, however, if we did not say there will be a void. Cheers to you and your new endeavor(s). We look forward to you popping back in.

Posted via the Android Central App

I think Phil is being contracted out by HTC for fine tuning on the next Nexus phone/ tablet.

Posted via the Android Central App

Phil leaving? Nooooooooooo!
I think there are enough clues to suggest he's going to be involved with iMore ;)
Slow phones are slow, but are sometimes fast until you put anything on them. Mind boggling is that a 2 year old HTC M8 with 116 apps still feels fast, and even comparable to my 4 month S7 Edge.
Blackberry re-branding a middling phone... lol. I admit it: I'm biased and hated both BB's I had at work. Interestingly, our company of 13,000 employees just discontinued Blackberry use, and issued iPhone 5C's to all BB users. No clue why they they picked that model, as it runs like crap since iOS 9.
PS: I'm with Jerry on the headphone jacks!

Posted via the Android Central App

I totally get the iMore references now. We'll see but that makes sense.

Posted via the Android Central App

Thanks for great podcasts since way back in the windows mobile days with Mal. Ive enjoyed listening in. The early days where new features like HTCs with gps and 3.8 inch screen and custom roms was super exciting but AC has up'd the standards with a great enthusiastic crew. Sure Ill keep listening in. Good luck to you Phil.

I just got to listen to the podcast this morning and was bummed..... Gonna miss you Phil! Best wishes for your new endeavors though! Keep those girls of yours up-to-date on their gadgets! :)

Posted via the Android Central App

Yo Phil, do a brief audible Cameo on an upcoming AC Podcast and just yell out, "Rollllling Botttt".

You know you want to.