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It's time. Again. For that Google I/O thing Google does so well.

We're headed to Google I/O this week, and so it's time to preview everything we know we'll see, everything we think we'll see, and everything we hope to see from the annual developer conference. You can follow all of our coverage here

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Reader comments

Android Central 287: Google I/O 2016 preview!


Yawn, no video. They no longer make money off doing the videos, so this is what we are left with. They don't post the audio up on YouTube either. So this really is an Apple iTunes Pod Cast. I find that very funny for a Android website. Google Play it if you are into that I guess. I'll skip it this one, like the others without video.

We post the audio version of the podcast on as many podcast platforms as possible, including a straight up RSS feed and in our AC app. To say it's only available on iTunes is a gross understatement.

Posted via the Android Central App

No this is not an iTunes podcast. This is a Google Play Music podcast LoL but on the real the Android Central podcast is available on many different platforms. That's How business works. Android Central has to put their product out there in order for people to see/hear it.

Living In An Android World

I use PlayerFM, it tracks the podcast as well.. also it's a very nice podcast App.. I know everybody seems to like Pocketcast more, personally I think PlayerFm is better.

Word...Doggcatcher...Google should have a rating input. I would rather poke my eyes then use iTunes..mind I own MBA's , iPhone 6S , iPads ,etc. But iTunes is what drove me to Android

Posted via Serenity

I hear ya. (And, in fact, wrote the same about Google and reviews.) Fact is itunes is still used by a lot of people, and important for reviews and ratings and what not. Hopefully Google changes that some.

I miss the videos. :(

Why not tell the crapple ppl from crapple more to do the podcast things?? I will never install crapple tunes on my PC!!

Exactly. If I wanted anything to do with Apple, I wouldn't be here. Knock it of AC. Get back to your audience, and listen to what we say.. or fold and fade away.

What if they quit doing the podcast? You know, the post where they actually relay the information.

I just don't understand the point on acting like spoiled children. And honestly, I'm surprised. I thought we were better than that as a community. Of course, I suppose the forums would suggest otherwise.

Posted via my LG G5

I hope something you love is taken away from you without explanation and you can just lay down and take it like a MAN! We had video for years, some us really enjoyed it over audio (apparently a minor few, only 2-5 thousand views) don't judge us bro! They aren't going to quit the podcast! Obviously they are using it as a tool to generate more income for the site with this move.

Referring to people as spoiled children is just the pot calling the kettle black. A GOOD community has discussion with back and forth and explanation other then "I feel like it" which is all we are getting so we can voice our frustration without being labeled as children.


A good community doesn't just lay down and take it, they talk about the problem and voice their opinions.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

You're both reaching, and also proving my point. And he said it's coming back.

You don't do their jobs. You, me and the rest of us don't know the interworkings at AC. Chil out. Of all the places to plant flags, I find this to be ridiculous.

Posted via my LG G5

Being a community also means supporting each other. If they need to take time off from video, that's okay. Especially if the actual content is still available.

Posted via my LG G5

OK but take time off video wasn't how it was stated on the last podcast where Phil first elaborated in the comments, he said "some day"

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Thank you!!!!! It's called support!!!! Even though certain staff at Android Central have kicked sand in my face because they don't agree with me politically I still respect them for the work they do in the Android world. We need to back these guess with their business ventures.

Living In An Android World

For me, having the video podcast made me feel much more "at home", I got to related to Andrew, Alex, Jerry, etc much more.

Even if you don't watch the show every time ( for me it's 25% video, 75% audio), the video experience makes you connect much more, even when listening to the audio-only versions.

You need to understand. Some people are really butt-hurt that they can no longer see the faces that go along with the voices, like it makes a real big difference.

I imagine that all these whiners also video chat with everyone on their contacts list, and cry like babies when a particular contact can't video chat with them for a while.

Posted via the Android Central App

Lol everyone forgets about live participation, also way to ignore the input people have on the issue and call them babies.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

I think having a video podcast makes it much easier to related to the people on the podcast.
Even if you only watch it 10% of the times, you'll relate much better when listening to the audio podcasts.

Really miss the video, and I don't understand how making an audio-only version makes it cheaper to produce? Are you guys doing the audio podcasts naked or what?

This is an Android Site and your asking us to go join an Apple service. Your site has 8 ad blocks and 3 house ad blocks. You also push products form you store not only on your site but to RSS and now you go and stop doing something people seam to prefer video podcast. you guys have gone off the rails.

They also don't care about the condition of the site anymore but admittedly the app is very solid.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Here's the thing: People don't prefer the video podcast. I know this because I have the numbers to back that up. It's not even close.

And I asked folks to rate the show and leave reviews in iTunes because (1.) a lot of people use iTunes — that bloated, POS, legacy system from Apple — for podcasts; (2.) it's still hugely important in podcasting because of its ratings and reviews.

Don't wanna help us out on that? No worries. We're still here. :)

I actually don't get the whining on it's being in iTunes just more platforms to listen with lol.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Phil, please consider this:

- even if the numbers don't add up, having the video makes you related to you guys much easier and makes the AUDIO experience much better.

So when looking at the numbers, think of this: many people use the video podcast 10-30% of the times, audio the rest.. but WHILE they are listening to the audio versions, they related much better because the have the video versions in mind, and can imagine you guys. This image will fade in time, and that will hurt the audio listening numbers a lot.

My guess is that initially you'll see a spike in audio listeners (because every has to use that), but in time that number will diminish because new users will not be able to relate to you guys as good as older users.

It's not as fun listening to people you cant' relate to - and that will hurt in the long run, I think.

Your application, and a Galaxy S4... Broke my Nexus 6 so I'm on my back up.... Thanks for your reply. I enjoy this blog due to the information, humor and humility of the personalities. Thanks again.

Posted via the Android Central App

Six weeks now with no video. Whose idea is this? Has the video editing equipment broken beyond repair?

" I'm taking my ball and I'm going home!" LOL

Come on Phil you know how vocal some of the Android fans are. If you gave us an actual explanation like, "This is mobile nation's new policy, sorry" or "The video doesn't make us money" or "We really need to get on top of every list to generate traffic to the site" instead of well we feel like all of a sudden dropping video for no apparent reason after years because you just "feel" like it might shut us up, or then again maybe not....

Other than when I said that fairly constant travel by any number of us at any given time makes video much more difficult, and that for now we want to concentrate on making the audio as good as we can? :)

Travel travel travel, wasn't a problem before but OK fine the dead horse has been beat. But as far as the audio goes, your audio has always been insanely better then 99% of any other pod casts I listen or watch so not sure what else you can do there. You guys do a great job either way just miss the video is all. Enjoy the weekend and I/O.

In all seriousness I don't have anything against iTunes or Apple. I'm just heavily vested in Tunein and GPM. Lately I've been trying to keep the number of accounts I'm a member of down to a minimum. But yeah I 100% support you guys expanding you're brand. I've been extremely supportive of you guys and I've actually put in ground work to put the word out about Android Central.

Living In An Android World

You all need to realize that there's a bunch of guys who do this as a full time job. They need to get paid.
Running an Android website isn't the most profitable thing in the world to do, but these guys are doing it, and they're doing a heck of a job.
So if you can't appreciate that and help them keep doing what they're doing, atleast stop being idiots and quit whining about it.

Posted via the Android Central App

I've always listened to the podcast via pocket casts or tunein apps. Don't see the "big deal" about availability on video but the whining about it is getting old.

Posted via the Android Central App

Just a note on the Apple bashing. Without a platform as such, Android would not be what it is. Competition is great for the consumer. A second note on the video thing, the video wasn't necessarily enriching the content. Simple is usually better on the content creation side.

Posted via the Android Central App

Never really cared for video because I multitask and honestly unless they're showing something there's really no point in watching their faces.

No offense to the guys. But audio is adequate for me.

Yeah, I still listen but I did enjoy video and kind of feel like the explanation was a little vague at best, I mean it's not like they are traveling all the time and I never thought the audio sounded bad on the audio version of the last podcast they did video on.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Same here. I typically listen to it while driving. And the few video podcasts I've seen doesn't really add much to the podcast.

If I was chatting with a few friends who live long distances from each other, I would fully understand video chat. In the case of the AC podcast, it would simply be to satiate some viewers' dreams and fantasies, nothing more.

Posted via the Android Central App

I like the video as it seems more engaging or something. Not to mention this is an Android tech site and a big part of these smart devices is the video.

Thank you Android Central for yet another amazing podcast! I think its great that you guys take the time to do this every week, and also make sure that it is as widely distributed as possible.

They stopped the video because the other guys got jealous that they don't look as cool as Jerry

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm not trying to piss in anybody's Cheerios but I like listening to the Android Central podcast versus watching. I currently listening on GPM (sorry iTunes). I used to listen on Tunein radio but I think it's so cool that I can listen on GPM. Now back to the podcast video issue. I'm not sure what exactly the uproar is all about. What exactly are people missing about the video version? It's not like Phil, Jerry and Alex are action hero's (no offense). If you people just take the time to listen you will get just as much if not more out of the audio only podcast. In my not so humble opinion the content of the Android Central podcast has only gotten better. You all need to give them a chance.

Living In An Android World

I do both its just that video has been around for a while (since 2010) and I just don't believe the reasoning for it being gone. It's not hard to do a Google hangout at all, don't let anyone tell ya that it is,you can do one from a laptop, while traveling imagine that. Also from Phil's explanation about focusing on audio quality,i don't understand it because it certainly wasn't bad before.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

That's true. I understand that but maybe they don't want to spend hours primping and cleaning up in order to do a video. Also people can be horribly judgmental and maybe they don't want to deal with the trolls talking trash about how anybody looks. It could be part of the reason.

Living In An Android World

But there are no trolls! No one does that.

All they got to do is bleep jerry out lol.

Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3

Yes they do. I'm not going to mention names but a couple of the staff got cyber-bullied hardcore on Google+ because of the way they looked. A good number of us had to step in and shut that bully stuff down.

Living In An Android World

I think that when you listen to the podcast, you relate much better, because you occationally watch it.

That feeling will fade in time, because you don't see the people...

Audio is fine for me as I listen to the podcast on my way to work and home again.

Posted via my Motorola Startac

The video podcast made me feel part of the Android community, i looked forward to the live casts & watched them avidly because of the ability to interact live with you guys if i so wished, & many people did.
First you started doing the ads in the live show, then you drop the video... what's next?
Perhaps individual audio podcasts about each subject, then that would follow the negative comments
about Android being too fragmented.
You guys work hard producing the podcasts & it shows, being imho one of the most interesting entertaining & informative tech podcasts available. You have a large set of followers & from reading the comments below, many feel as i do, so please re-consider & bring the video podcasts back if only every couple of weeks. For me that would suffice. Besides, my flat screen telly looks strange with a blank screen with the sound only.

I miss the video podcast as well. Audio is great, but video added depth and emotion, and faces to the names. I felt part of the community in a way audio alone cannot deliver. But I can also appreciate the time and effort for video may be best spent on other great projects at AC.

Posted via the Android Central App

Project tango sounds like the device my carpet installer used to map out the install in my basement.

Did I miss the link somewhere to the apps that Google is supposed to be awarding at I/O? Love the podcast, keep it up!!