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How much can we cram into one 60-minute podcast? How about some serious Android security scares — we'll tell you exactly how much you need to worry about this Stagefright thing. And how about our first look at the new OnePlus 2 — spoiler: You'll have to settle a little. And we've got our hands on the new Moto G, and we've taken a look at the Moto X Style (Pure Edition) — it's big!

Plus we answer a whole bunch of your questions live without a net! You don't want to miss this one, folks.

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Android Central 247: OnePlus 2, new Moto hotness!


It's silly for OnePlus to think since they sold over 1 million phones last year that they'd repeat that this year. If the normal renewal cycle is about over 2 years there's really nothing to make people think their experience for the OnePlus 1 would make them buy a new phone less than a year later.

Jerry's point of there being more inexpensive options this year than last year thus making competing harder is a bit off. I'm pretty skeptical of the ASUS and other late ads to the cheap phone market. I feel most people just see them as cheaper options rather than inexpensive flag ships.

But honestly...even though I've had my One for less than a year I am tempted to by the 2. Mainly that notification switch...can't tell you how jealous I've been of my iPhone friends when they need to silence their phones and they just flip a switch. They would watch me unlock, hit the volume key, then select "NONE" and roll their eyes.

I think the point Alex was trying to make about the One plus 2 USB cable is that people will see the Snapdragon 810 and USB C port, and will assume it has quick charging without realizing the phone apparently takes 3.5 hours to charge. That's going to turn off a lot of people who have gotten used to QC. It's not a bandwidth problem, which is what the guys were getting stuck on.

Finally an episode that gets interesting and Phil doesn't plan enough time to allow the conversation to continue. I have been trying to listen to the podcast again, the bland conversation get old. But of course once it starts getting interesting (argument about Oneplus 2 usb-c decesion) Phil cuts it short. Come on guys!

I know, right? Can't believe I made a commitment to my kids and also balanced it with colleagues spread out over eight time zones! What was I thinking!

Lol. A better comeback than Meek Mills attempt at Drake. Burned! #DadsResponsibilitiesOverFools

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I'm all about the One+2, thing is I'm one of those people who needs to hold a product and mess with it before I buy it. With the One+ 2 I'm just going to wait for a friend to get one so I can see if I like it. I love my Nexus 6 but I think it would be cool to have One+ 2 around the house to use as a media device.

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I'm giving the One Plus Two till early December to become more available (that will be three years up on my Nexus 4) so I can just buy one. If it isn't then pretty much any of the new mid-rangers will suffice. I'm not into playing games to get something. I'm 44 not 14...or a Twitter mad hipster.

Hey guys what do you think, is a better deal for my mom who needs a new phone. The new moto g 16gb or 2nd gen moto x. She had the 1st gen moto x and likes it but she doesnt want to spend more than 300 on a new phone.

Great podcast, and I always watch the video because it's more fun!

One Plus and USB C: I would have expected that a new connector that the company promotes would have some advantages over the former connector. It's kind of like introducing a "new" Hemi that has less power and efficiency than the former design, and boasting about it. The invite system may have been invented to make it feel more exclusive or something else which I can't figure out, but to me, it's a barrier.

Lollipop update was fine on my HTC One M8. Took a couple days to settle down, but it's been good. We have two identical phones, and I purposely waited on the second one so I could make comparisons, and even on the first night, L was clearly faster. The standby time in extreme powersave mode is not as good (I can only get five days on one charge), but normal mode and mild powersave mode are better than when the phone was on KitKat.

Hilarious story about using Google Wallet; I'll be sure not to use it with large Indian cabbies in NYC, with no offense intended to large people, persons of Indian descent, cabbies in general, or anyone in New York... especially young ladies with handfuls of $100 dollar bills taking me out for the night (hi Jasmine!) I've had some amusing, but less dramatic incidents as well: One older cashier grabbed the reader and angrily said "What are you doing?". Several cashiers have said "Is that Apple Pay?", and did not want me to use it when I said no. Most cashiers think it's very cool though, as do the people in line behind me. I had a really quick cashier at the Subway sandwich shop this past Friday, and she was the first one ever to hand me my paper receipt before the electronic one arrived on my phone.

After listening to your podcast and mulling Motorola's decisions more I think their anti carrier play will increase peoples use of moto maker and create a lot of awesome one off phones in the market. For the G and X. That could ultimately work better for them.

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Two years ago I probably would not have cared too much because I have a Nexus 5 and never used it. But many stores I go to have tap to pay and I use it all the time.

So no, No NFC no BUY,

Really underwhelmed about the Stagefright coverage. I cranked up the podcast hoping for some good detail and pretty much got ignorance and pablum.
Y'all might consider listening to podcasts like SecurityNow before wondering if stagefright can "get out of the sandbox". Summaries of the issue published well before the podcast date showed that, for performance reasons, Stagefright is compiled C++ code that runs outside the java sandbox.
Lots of other detail was available and I was really hoping to hear a good discussion about it... and hopefully a strong rant or two about who the carriers and manufacturers are actively working to *screw* Android users by ignoring serious security issues if a phone is older than a year or two.
This is a big issue and Stagefright is an excellent proof case for how the Android security update process is BROKEN. As has been said, it seems the only way to fix security issues with Android is to buy a new phone every time a bad vulnerability hits. *THAT's* got to stop.
My tinfoil hat tells me this is because y'all are afraid of pissing off the manufacturers and carriers, but I don't believe that: I'm going with Hanlon's Razor on this one.
Really enjoy the podcast in general, but please step it up on security, boys. You've got a platform.. use it.