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We've got a ton going on this week, starting with anything and everything about the new LG G4, fresh off its unveiling in New York City. We're very much linking this phone, folks, and we'll walk you through why.

Plus, the LG Watch Urbane is shipping with its new version of Android Wear, and we'll answer more of your questions live, on air.

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Android Central 234: LG's Big Week!


Damn you jerry. Saying this phone is too big. I was highly considering the LG. Coming from Moto X. 2013.

Posted via Android Central App

I am so glad you guys think the G4 fits the hype about it. I am looking forward to the full blown camera comparison once the software is done on it. It's good to know you're working on the reviews for it and BTW... another great pod cast from you all.

Posted via the Android Central App from my HTC m8

My first time watching the video podcast - you guys do a great job, very helpful and professional.

Posted via the Android Central App

Hi everyone .
I have a Nexus 5 , LOVE the" interruptions " !
I don't understand why the panel does not . For me it does exactly what I want it to do ,
mute everything except alarms .Go Google !

Is it a shame that I'm getting bored with new devices these days? I was willing to give up my note 4 in order to buy a galaxy s6. But just can't imagine it's worth the price.
I normally end up buying a minimum of 3 phones a year. Usually the new galaxy a, then the new LG g series then the new note or nexus.
Now I seem to be content with the note 4, looking forward to the note 5 but what can it truly offer that the note 4 doesn't?
I've even stuck with touchwiz on my note 4 which I normally prefer cm.
Maybe I'm getting

Posted via the Android Central App

There's nothing new tech-wise. Just incremental performance upgrades. You should concentrate on how a smartphone serves your life, what it does for you, than worry about the SOCs and MP count. This is crazy consumerism and materialism at work. Honestly, you're not missing much even if your phone is 2 years old. That's the bitter truth. It's no different to some women being obsessed with shoes or handbags. Ultimately, there's no real value in feeding this compulsion

If you love tech for tech's sake then why not do something more. Like write about it, design or develop your own app etc. Start small, work on something you're passionate about. You might even become an entrepreneur and contribute something useful


Posted via the Android Central App