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We're rested and recovered after a successful CES 2015 in Las Vegas. On tap for this week's podcast: HTC is first out the gate for Mobile World Congress teasing, we get to the bottom of this WebView security non-scandal, and we answer your questions live on air. Join us!

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Android Central 218: Andrew Central


Although you talked about rotating occasionally, I really liked this episode with 5 people. Everyone's a great asset with a unique style, and everyone has great and valuable input to offer. Besides, I'm really looking forward to every Friday, so I'd be a bit sad when someone's not on the show because you guys are kiling it every time!

Webview was designed by who? Google,right,so they at least should put out a patch and make it available. All the millions of devices that are not kitkat and up,can not necessarily be upgraded to kitkat,such as the HTC Evo 4g LTE that is currently being offered by one of AC's advertisers Freedom POP. These phones are stuck at 4.1.1 because of a partition issue. Unless you upgrade the firmware first,you can NOT even flash a new Rom to avoid the bug. So,the issue will be with us for a lot longer than you people think. I just got my Evo about a year ago,and HTC did fix a number of flaws like masterkey,and fake id. Google fixed the SSL Heartbleed issue. So,why is this one any different. If anything,its potentially a lot worse. And you all just sorta blow it off,and shrug. I say bull **** ! Now if Google would make every app conform to fix this massive SECURITY problem,then that would go a long ways toward protecting HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of users.

Now I watched an interview with Beardsley and he used Maxathon browser for his demo. I think because maybe jellybeens browser might be patched. There was a test on his blog in comments called "" and I tried it,there was no effect,so I interpreted that to mean my browser was patched according to the articles explanation. I'm just not sure though.

Someone,I hope, develops an app to test our on phone apps for this vulnerability. And I hope it is Bluebox,as they have done this for the other vulns I mentioned above. I just don't understand why this is such a hard thing for Google and their partners to fix,when they know damn well it will be with us for a very long time! Butt I tell you this,the manufacturer who does fix this,will get all my future business. If no one does,well,there are lots of options in the future.

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