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We're back from yet another week on the road, this time for Verizon's Motorola Droid Turbo event, as well as Google's Lollipop open house. (Be sure to check out our hands-ons with the Nexus 9, as well as the Nexus 6.)

Plus, we answer a whole bunch of your questions live on air. Join us!

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Reader comments

Android Central 209: New Nexus, Droid Turbo and You!


Both the Turbo and the Nexus 6 sound amazing..Nexus 6 for the amazing screen or Turbo for the free screen backup? I gotta wait for the camera comparisons to be sure, but I've been leaning more towards the Nexus because I think the Turbo looks ugly! Decisions!

Really? Red is the color of rage which is more a male trait than female.

Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3

I take it that you've never dated a redheaded woman. They are full of rage.

Posted via the Android Central App

Did you listen to the podcast? 38:20 on the video and just before 40:00 on the audio.... They talked about it for 5 minutes. Jerry specifically says "This year was a total fail. I think this was their worst year ever for ordering."

Posted via the Android Central App

No, I did not listen. I was agreeing that the nexus 6 preorder was a shameful debacle. Good on Jerry for acknowledging it. He is among the few.

Posted via Nexus 5

What else is there to analyze? It was a fail. Someone in the Q&A asked if there was a conspiracy to push people to buy from carriers and Phil said he didn't think so.

Posted via the Android Central App

Phil also said Motorola probably had to initially fill their contractual obligations to carriers.

Well they talked about it but not very much and they really oneplused it up

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or verizon Galaxy S5 or maybe one day through my moto 360

The Droid Turbo is NOT a Verizon exclusive. That's MISINFORMATION being perpetuated by the ignorant media. The NAME is the exclusive, not the phone.

This SAME 5.2", 1440p, Snapdragon 805, 3GB phone is being released as the Droid Turbo (Verizon), Moto X Play (AT&T), Moto Maxx (International).

* Verizon Droid Turbo: FCC ID of IHDT56PK1
* AT&T Moto X Play: FCC ID of IHDT56PK2

5.2", 1440p, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM

Has AT&T bands, and the documentation also states that the new device "is electrically equivalent to the certified device carrying FCC ID IHDT56PK1."

But, I'm REALLY waiting for the Motorola "Pure Edition" of the Moto X Play. Unlockable bootloader, no carrier branding, no bloatware. Would also have international LTE bands, just like the Pure Edition of the 2014 Moto X.

Yeah show me the announcement. Not a rumor or speculation, the announcement

Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3

Is it also going to be available for Tmobile as well? Hopefully it'll be available for pre-order in November. The international edition will be GSM, which means it can be used anywhere including America.

Also there said to be an announcement on 11/05/ in Brazil regarding the Droid Turbo variant.

I'm strongly considering the Moto X 2014 eventhough the specs are less than desired when compared to the Droid Turbo. It's a tad bit cheaper and it's a pure device from Motorola.

As a Canadian, I think it's unfortunate the Droid Turbo(GSM variant specifically) is not "officially" available north of the border.

I'm happy with my current device, but my wife is looking to upgrade from her Galaxy S3.

She doesn't want another Samsung product. The '14 Moto X does not offer enough battery capacity to her liking. The Nexus 6 is way too large. She hates Apple and iOS. She is not impressed by the HTC M8 ultrapixel camera.
Believe it or not, she is interested by the Xperia Z3 the most after I showed her countless articles and videos on all the latest devices readily available, and the Z3 is readily available in Canada today.

Posted via OnePlus One

I have the Z3v and it's an amazing phone. I love that it's totally waterproof and it's an elegant looking phone.

main reason ppls dosnt love Motorola cuz they dont Improve the Camera. they needed to PuT STOCK ROM of google not there own. cuz they dont know how to work it well.
they need to call it Motorola Advanced and not Turbo

I bought a Nexus 5 last year and said that I would not buy another phone this year. I don't need a new phone every year....but I really...really like what I see in the Nexus 6.

Andrew mentioned that folks spend 20 to 30% of their time surfing the web and watching videos. For me I spend 80 percent of my time looking a web sites, reading books and such on my phone. When I am in the doctors waiting room, on a bus or subway, in the car garage waiting on my car to be fixed I am on my phone looking at web this larger size is great for me. I have a tablet but I don't drag that thing around with me I have the phone.

Can't use the phone with one hand? What is this complaint about? I have never used any phone with one hand - always two. I hold it with my left and use my right to work it- and man can I go at it.. It is easier and faster for me this way. So this is a non issue for me...and I have large hands and long fingers from playing the piano as a young child.

Lollipop notifications and such. I think Google leaves out some functionality on purpose thus allowing their partners and small developers to fill in the gap and continue to make money. They are clever enough to build the operating system but too stupid to include other functionality in apps? I doubt it. They lay the base foundation and then allow other developers to add more...everyone wins this way and the Android ecosystem continues to expand.

Finally - navy blue Nexus 6. I know not everyone is a fan but I personally think it is classy. In fact I have my dining room chairs finished in navy blue leather seats and backs. It is classy and understated, and certainly a change from common black which can be seen everywhere. I guess it is all in each person's opinion.

As usual - great blog Android Central guys, and thanks much for it. Can't wait to hear and see about all that stuff phil couldn't REALLY talk about!

Please add to your stream player the ability to rewind 30 seconds similar to stitcher.


Posted via Android Central App

I recently bought a droid turbo and I love it!!!
I have only had it for about 2 weeks and honestly I'm not very tech savvy at all. I'm having an issue an reaching out to you all in hopes of some help.
I woke up on thanksgiving and my phone said it was Wednesday @ 808 when it was Thursday @ 630 am. I went to settings twice since then and reset the time/date manually. Again the time is wrong!! I need some answers please.