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Android Central 184: Londoners in Paris


The thing that really bothers me about these guys are that they have forgotten the perspective of the average consumer. They always seem to be making excuses for these billion dollar companies (phone manufacturers, telecoms, Google) and never see that that the average consumer deserves more for the premium prices these companies are charging.

I guess they have "sold out" in order to keep their pay checks steady...

so I take everything they say with a grain of salt...

It is not the companies duty to provide phones at a price point you can afford, nor think it’s worth. If you feel your loyalty to the company has gone unrequited, get on with your life. Stop crying about it.

Phil... Just finished listening on PocketCast. You said during the QA section that you were going to talk about "2K" screens, but never did. I really want to hear the team's opinions on 2k displays for devices under 5". Basically, whether or not pushing screen ppi to 500 and beyond is actually a good idea. Thanks, AC team!

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Don't think Jerry's reasoning for knocking removable batteries that you can cram more battery in a fixed case holds water. Just look at the fact that the M8 has a 2600mA battery and the S5 has a 2800mA battery. Removable batteries allow you to bring spares especially for those traveling. Allows you to change the back if it gets damaged or want to change the design. Inevitably battery will no longer take a charge, you can just change the battery rather than buy a new phone if you want. I never buy a phone without removable battery.

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