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A little bit of doom and gloom this week, folks. We've got many an executive departure, with Vic Gundotra from Google, and Scott Croyle and Ford Davidson from HTC. We've got OnePlus simultaneously intriguing and infuriating us. We've got controversy surrounding how we'd "fix" the HTC One M8. We've got Amazon getting HBO content later this year.

Plus we've got special guest JR Raphael! Join us!

Thing 1: Comings and goings ... Well, mostly goings ...

Thing 2: The OnePlus One is official

Thing 3: Other stuff

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Android Central 182: The Walking Dead


He apparently doesn't even have any that would confirm, really.. So I don't need to.

"A Google representative has vehemently denied these claims."

"Google PR denies this account."

And the only thing he/she ever says is: "our source" and "another source" while never identifying a single thing as to why this source is so credible. This source has never even been identified as someone within Google either, so.. how many contacts inside Google does he/she have?
Or have you yourself confirmed these...

He's not the one who wrote the article and claims to have sources inside of Google.

Posted via Android Central App

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